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Products: Still Camera Housings
Aquatica D90

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This new Aquatica housing for the Nikon D90 is full function housing, it has everything you need and it is all inside a very compact housing. The first DSLR to offer both stills and High Definition video, now the best of both world meet under the same housing.

  • Our saddle mounting/locking system is a dream, it allows for easy sliding of the D90 body on two solid rods. There is no misalignment of the body inside the housing and with the integrated head stopper; the camera is rock solid inside the housing.
  • New spring loaded contacts with the Aperture and Speed dials make for flawless and smooth changes to these settings.
  • The Aquatica D90 ports, extension rings, and lens gears are compatible with all other bayonet mount Aquatica housings.
  • Because of the large port opening on Aquatica bayonet style housing, the system can accept the largest selection of lenses in the industry, even those with a very large diameter and controls, such as the new AF MICRO-NIKKOR 105MM f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR and AF Nikkor 14-24mm f/2, 8 AF-S G, there will even be a manual focus gear for this lens, part.


  • Delete Button
  • Live View and Video
  • Bkt Button
  • Playback Button
  • Menu Button
  • Thumbnail Button
  • Protect Button
  • Enter Button
  • Ae/Af Lock Button
  • Flash Sync Mode Button
  • Qual Button
  • Wb Button
  • Iso Button
  • Lens Release knob
  • Mode selector
  • Exposure Comp. Button
  • Main Command Dial
  • Sub Command Dial
  • On/Off Light Switch
  • Metering Selector

  • Depth rating: 300 feet/90 meters
  • Precision machined from solid aluminum body is fully anodized to military specifications and coated with wear resistant polyurethane powder paint.
  • Accurately balanced ergonomic design - all controls are within easy reach
  • Size: W 8.5” (13.25" with grip attached) x D 5.25" x H 6.75”  / W  21.6 (33.6 with grips attached)  x D 13.3 x H 17.15 cm
  • Weight with grips: 6.25 lbs. 2.83 kg


  • Grips, (left and right hand)
  • Hexagonal head bolts (quant.:2)
  • Hexagonal (Allen) key
  • Owner manual
  • Spare main O-ring
  • Container of O-ring lubricant


The recommended servicing procedures of the products are outlined in the manuals supplied with the product. The outside of the housings and the accessories should be rinsed in fresh water after every dive. The handles should be removed after use otherwise if they remain attached to the housing for any length of time they may bind to the housing and be extremely difficult to remove. We suggest that the main O rings be lubricated regularly and all of the O rings be checked annually.

Subal (old smaller type) port to Aquatica Housing adapter (NEW)
Sea & Sea port to Aquatica Housing adapter (NEW)
Underwater remote trigger for Nikon D90 (extra bulkhead included)
Replacement anodes (two complete set) for all Aquatica digital housing

* except D2x housing
Protective body cap: for all Aquatica bayonet style housing
Conversion spring kit for 425ft/130 meters rating
Aqua LED 800 Video & Focus Light   18831
Maintenance kit for Aquatica D90 Nikon Housing.

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Aquatica Aqua View 180 Finder

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Aquatica Aqua View 45 Finder

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Valve and pump to create vacuum inside the housing in order to validate its sealing capability, to be used with housing already equipped with vacuum sensor circuitry