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Technical Lighting Control

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Every component of Technical Lighting Control (TLC) system is manufactured to exacting military specifications. This complete line of lighting system was designed, from the onset, to meet the requirement for precise and easy lighting placement.

The innovative TLC non-drag design was not only revolutionary when introduced over three decades ago; it is also evolutionary and has kept up elegantly with the demanding and rapidly changing requirements of contemporary photography. The rugged yet elegant one-piece construction has no need for o-rings or pins of any kind, it will and has provided decades of dependable carefree use.

Machined from lightweight, high-grade aircraft aluminum, each piece is treated with a black hard anodizing process and then impregnated with a Teflon coating. This anodized coating gives the arms a durable finish and coupled with the Teflon ensures smooth and accurate positioning at all time.

The TLC system is compatible with the popular brands of underwater strobe lights on the market today. It is versatile, allowing components to be mounted using a strobe head adapter or a ball mount on the strobe end that will add an additional movable joint to the arm system. This later configuration replicates the human arm, thus allowing the maximum in flexibility and accurate strobe positioning, be it in tight macro scenarios or in extended wide angle configuration.

TLC arms are available in various lengths of pre configured arm sets, or components can be purchased individually, enabling photographers to construct practically any strobe arm configuration imaginable to suit their personal needs.