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Welcome to Aquatica

AQUATICA manufactures an extensive line of underwater housings for today’s finest digital cameras. The company also manufactures the world renowned Technical Lighting Control (TLC) strobe arms, trays and accessories. AQUATICA and TLC are the brands preferred by some of the top professional underwater photographers and are well known for their optical quality and superior level of craftsmanship.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, AQUATICA was founded in 1982, and with expertise acquired over more than 25 years in the industry, has gained a worldwide reputation as a leader and innovator in the field of underwater photography.

Aquatica is the official supplier for the two largest fleets of liveaboards in the world. Learn More »


July 2019


We have been shipping our 5HD Monitor for a few weeks now. This is what some of our customers have said about it.

Maxwel Hohn

"Putting the new Aquatica 5HD Monitor to the test in Newfoundland. It is absolutely awesome! The perfect tool for underwater videography. It's also highly effective for macro photography. Thank you for your top notch products and service Aquatica Digital!''

Jill Heinerth

''The Aquatica monitor expands my creativity, giving me clear vision to shoot a variety of low angles and imaginative shots that are otherwise done blind.''

Matthew Smith

''The Aquatica 5HD screen has helped me make the transition from shooting still to moving pictures so easy. The large screen with focus peeking and histogram display means nailing focus, exposure and composition is child's play. It has become and integral part of my gear and I can't be without it now.''

April 2019


Aquatica user Joe Kistel made a video of him opening the box in which he received his A5D MkIV housing and accessories.


Announcing the 5HD Monitor

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February 2019

NEW Aquatica 5HD Monitor

in Bonaire we did some final testing on our new 5HD monitor, this monitor will be part of an extensive monitor/recorder series. To learn more, click here »

December 2018

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to all.
Please note that we will be closed Dec. 24-25-26, and Dec.31, and January 1, 2019.

November 2018


Announcing our new LED Optical flash trigger for the Canon series (5D MKII, 5D MKIII, 5DS R & 5D MKIV).

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October 2018

Aquatica AD850 Housing/Nikon D850 review

Check out Matty Smith's review on our AD850 housing.
Click here.

September 2018

Aquatica A7RIII

Aquatica, one of the pioneers in the underwater photo industry is now shipping their underwater housing designed specifically for the Sony A7rIII 42MP full frame mirror less camera. Earning a Gold Award from the internet’s leading camera review site,, the Sony A7rIII is sure to be a powerhouse for underwater digital imaging in both stills and video use.

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August 2018


Aquatica shooters Russell Clark and Maxwel Hohn from BC, Canada went diving a few weeks ago in The Abyss, an incredible canyon carved out by the Gold River in Vancouver Island, BC. Along with their AGH5 housings they created this short video that shows the beauty of diving in that location and what the AGH5 can do.

June 2018

Aquatica Housing for Sony A7rIII & A7III

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March 2018

Wayne Hasson, president of the Aggressor LiveAboard fleet, the ultimate in liveAbords, has been an Aquatica user for over ten years. Check out this video, here is what he has to say about our housings.


January 2018

Vancouver Aquarium Diver's weekend

Stewart from SLS Photography will be at Diver's weekend January 27-28, 2018. Join him for a workshop on underwater photography and get to see Aquatica's housings while learning new tricks on preparing for the best shots.

December 2017

Now shipping Aquatica AD850 housing

We are now shipping our AD850 housings.

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Best wishes for a happy holiday season and our sincere thanks for your loyalty and goodwill throughout the year.
Please note that our offices will be closed from December 23 and we will be back January 2, 2018 

November 2017

Introducing the Aquatica lanyards

Introducing the New Aquatica Lanyards, they allow you to comfortably carry your housing to the boat or dive site and also great when getting out of the water.

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July 2017


Our housing for the GH5 is now available

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June 2017

Announcing the AE-M1 MKII housing

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Aquatica is happy to announce the AE-M1MKII housing for Olympus OM-D E-M1 MKII.

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March 2017
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Announcing the A6500 housing

We are happy to announce that our housing for the Sony a6500 will start shipping April 1, 2017.

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January 2017
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Aquatica housing for the Olympus E-M1 Mark II

Our housing for the E-M1 MKII camera will soon be available.
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December 2016

Happy Holidays from Aquatica

We take this opportunity to wish you and your families Happy holidays and a properous and healthy 2017!

Please note that our offices will be closed starting December 26, 2016 and we will be back on January 4, 2017.Some of our manufaturing employees will be here to advance in parts. Stay safe!

A1DX MKII Price Drop

Lower pricing starting at $3,995.00 USD retail, including the complete surveyor kit with valve and pump!

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November 2016

Announcing the A5DMK IV

With very low R&D cost, we are pleased to announce a retail price of $2,795.00 USD. This will be by far the best aluminum housing option on the market.

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September 2016
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Jean-Charles Granjon with his trusty A7RII housing and French free diving champion Morgan Bourc'his as they film for Tudor Pelagos Swiss Watch in the Canary Islands. All of it was shot with the Aquatica A7RII housing and the Canon 16-35mm zoom with metabones adapter. Watch a clip below:

If you like this, and we are sure you will, you can see more of his work on his website,

August 2016
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Aquatica is happy to announce the new A6300 housing for the Sony alpha a6300.

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June 2016
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Aquatica is proud to announce the new AD500 housing for the long awaited and impressive Nikon D500. Please read on for a more detailed look at this housing.

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It is with great pleasure that Aquatica is introducing the Aquatica ACU which stands for Aquatica Close Up System. The ACU consolidates all close-up related component into a comprehensive macro photography system that can be tailored to your specic needs

For a complete description:

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April 2016
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Megapixel Monsters, comparing the Canon 5Dsr to the Sony A7Rmk2 for UW Photography!

Stewart Sy from SLS Photography, and one very talented photographer, has just completed an awesome dive trip in the Philippines, were he had the opportunity of diving with two of the most sought after cameras system for underwater photography on the market today in, using you guessed it, a pair of Aquatica housings and ports for them.

Aside from the stunning images he has brought back from this trip, he also offer plenty of useful insight into both camera systems, well worth reading, especially if you are looking at upgrading or getting a new system.


Tim Rock, a long standing member of the Aquatica family and Simon Pridmore have released a new guide book on Raja Ampat, Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Raja Ampat & Northeast Indonesia. The book features more than 100 diving and snorkeling sites throughout the region, 240 color images, travel advice and Indonesian diving terms. The latest release is volume 5.

Diving or snorkeling in Raja Ampat, or anywhere else in Northeast Indonesia, is a life affirming, bucket-list-topping experience! This region at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, abundantly rich in marine life, is proving to be a gift for divers that keeps on giving. Raja Ampat is the superstar destination, but other areas such as Cenderawasih Bay, Triton Bay and Southwest Halmahera are shining brightly too and acquiring similarly mythical status.

The book is available for purchase here.


March 2016


Check this beautiful short documentary, filmed by Aquatica gallery member Nathalie Lasselin, called One Big Breath. It is on Philippe Beauchamp, a former Champion freediver, and his relation with shark. Beautiful images and a beautiful message.

February 2016

Fabrice Guérin & Damien Mauric, both accomplished underwater photographer using our Aquatica housings have just returned from Norway with epic images: Fabrice with a gorgeous image of a humpback whale ploughing through a school of herrings, and Damien with an outstanding and moody picture of a family of Orcas crossing path with a humpback whale and its calf. To read their stories follow this link for Fabrice and this one for Damien.

These two images are a testament of perseverance, preparedness and of a thorough knowledge of one’s imaging equipment, so when luck does comes into play, things fall into place smoothly and without hesitation. Aquatica is proud to have these two individuals in its family of underwater imagers, it is also, given the dire condition encountered, a great testimonial to the ergonomics and robustness of our underwater housings. 

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Review of the Sony a7R II in Aquatica Housing

Joe Platko, from Monterey tested our A7r II housing and the Sony a7R II camera for Digital Photo Guide (aka DPG), his insights and conclusion are worth reading about, the camera and housing where supplied by our local Monterey underwater photography specialist and Aquatica dealer, Backscatter.

Read the review »

January 2016

Kelli Dickinson of Bluewater Photo just sent us this awesome review she posted of our brand new A7RII housing for the sony A7RII. One of the great things on this housing is how many buttons are customizable and she does a great job of going in to detail about that. Check it out!



Our man on the go, Jean Bruneau, just returned from the Paris dive show where he gave Photo Denfert, which is one of Aquatica preferred dealers in Europe, a helping hand for the show duration. As is always the case at this Paris event, it was packed solid with people, and the ambiance was great as is expected from such an enthusiastic group of divers.

It’s always a great opportunity to feel the pulse of underwater photography, and catch up with some of France top shooters, it also became clear that the Sony A7r II and its Aquatica housing will be the housing in demand this year. So the show is already over, and Aquatica is already looking at the calendar for next year’s edition of the event!

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Thibault Depardon, an accomplished underwater photographer from France just sent us those beautiful images of his buddy divers from the GUE project taken in the Cabouy cave system  located in France, to see more of his work, follow him on Instagram.

Aquatica has become the favourite underwater imaging system of hard core technical and cave divers across this blue planet, mainly because the ruggedness of their housing is legendary and their ergonomics which are easily accessible and straightforward, these being key features when dressed in a full dry suit with cold water gloves.



The new Mini Macro Port is now shipping!
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