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Customer Gallery

Mauricio Handler

Mauricio Handler is a Professional marine photojournalist, expedition leader and educator. He was for many years a National Geographic underwater photography team member.He has covered a myriad of subject matters in all geographical location around the world, from the great whales, sharks and fish in the sea to more recent self-assigned stories on people living on the oceans edge.He is the Author of two books, ‘The British Virgin Islands, a Photographic Portrait’ Twinlight and The Lonely Planet’s ‘Diving and Snorkeling Guide to The British Virgin Islands’. He is also a regular image contributor to publications around the world.

His images and video have been used by National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Digital Media, National Geographic Online, National Geographic Books as well as Kodak, Rolex, The New York Times and many more magazines and commercial clients worldwide. Mauricio teaches his image-making philosophy through his intense one-week digital underwater photography workshops and photo expeditions held every year in unique locations around the world.

He is a Technical Field Advisor to Aquatica. His work is represented worldwide exclusively by The National Geographic Society Image Collection.

Contact details:
Mauricio Handler, Handlerphoto
12 Holbrook Street Apt #8, Freeport, ME 04032, USA
Phone: 207-504-0733 | Email:
Web: | Stock:

Maxwel Hohn

An adventurer, photographer and filmmaker with a passion for showcasing British Columbia’s stunning natural diversity. Maxwel grew up on the Sunshine Coast before travelling around the world evolving his skills as a photographer. Honduras, Vietnam, Norway, Greece, The Bahamas, and Tanzania all helped sharpen his skills to become one of Canada’s leading nature photographers.

Maxwel is a brand ambassador with Huish Outdoors (Hollis, Bare, Zeagle, Suunto, Oceanic), Light & Motion, a commercial diving instructor, tech diver, cave diver, rebreather diver, published photographer, and proud Canadian!

Instagram: @maxwelhohn

Steven M. Genkins

Steven M. Genkins, M.D. (“Seadoc”), is a diagnostic radiologist residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Since 1988, in his leisure time, Seadoc has pursued his intertwined passions for scuba diving and underwater photography.
Initially exploring the Caribbean Sea, in subsequent years Dr. Genkins has pursued his dual avocations worldwide, with particular emphasis on the Indo-Pacific region.  He has enjoyed dives at many of the premier dive sites on this beautiful blue planet.

In recent years, Seadoc has expanded his photographic interests to include topside nature, birds in particular.

Dr. Genkins has always utilized Nikon cameras and Aquatica Housings for his underwater photographic work.  Beginning in “film days” with Nikon/Aquatica N90S gear, Seadoc has subsequently progressed through four generations of Nikon digital cameras and Aquatica housings: D100, D200, D800, and D850, the last of which he has just begun to shoot with at present. 

Working with each ​new generation of photographic gear, Dr. Genkins has enjoyed a close and collaborative relationship with the Aquatica staff.  As a result, he considers himself part of the extended “Aquatica Family.”   

Seadoc has created a website,, in order to showcase and share images of a representative sample of the wonderful submarine, terrestrial, and airborne nature which he has been so privileged to have observed over the years. 

Kadu Pinheiro

Kadu Pinheiro was born in May 10, 1974. His professional beginnings in the world of underwater photography began around 2004, and his passions are diving and photography, which he merged when starting to portray the underwater world, unveiling and recording untouched horizons to share it with the world, be it through published articles, books, websites and any and all forms of communication where photography can operate its miracle of bringing light where darkness prevailed.
“Sighting always wants more than it is allowed to see.” (Kadu)

“In the photo, the mind seeks the understanding of moments, more than simply the naked and crude reality. Photography brings with it the photographer´s interpretation, freezing feelings and emotions so others can share it”. (Kadu)

“I seek the best in things and people whom I portray, I seek the magic hidden in every scene, the best in every moment; it is this magic of capturing the best in people, objects, situations and landscapes that I call photography, and it is this way that I perpetuate sentiments. To unravel new worlds and immortalize their inhabitants is part of my photographic journey”. (Kadu)

Kadu Pinheiro was underwater photographer, editor of digital content and contributor of Mergulho magazine for many years, creator and editor of the first Brazilian diving electronic magazine, UnderXMag, and currently is the editor and product director for magazine. He has contributed photos for the books “Laje de Santos, Laje dos Sonhos” and “Água: Conservação e Cultura”, and also to the international project Wonderful Water Planet with Naoko Funakoshi. Contribues also to several diving and tourism magazines and websites in Brazil and worldwide like Sports Diver and DYK. Besides photographer Kadu is a NAUI and IANTD Instructor and technical cave diver. and

Marcelo Krause

Marcelo Krause is a nature photographer working and living in Brazil. His photographs have graced more than 50 articles for Brazilian magazines and websites. He is also renowned for the quality of images of the aquatic wildlife found in the rugged waters of Brazil.
He is the author of “Fernando de Noronha: Terra e Agua”, a book portraying the natural beauty of Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. Another two books are under production and are soon scheduled for publication.

He was also featured in many exhibitions and won several photo contests, including a first place prize at the prestigious Avistar bird photo contest in Brazil. You can see more of Marcelo Krause photographs here:

Tim Rock

Tim Rock is a Pacific based award-winning digital photographer and writer specializing in the ocean realm. Rock has a large library of Pacific still images. Tim uses digital imaging above and below the sea.TIM ROCK attended the journalism program at the University of Nebraska - Omaha and has been a professional broadcast and print photojournalist for 30 years. The majority of those years have been spent in the Western and Indo Pacific reporting on environmental and conservation issues.

He has won the prestigious Excellence in the Use of Photography from the Society of Publisher's in Asia. His TV show was an ACE award finalsit. He also lists many other awards for documentaries, television shows, photography and writing. He works as a correspondent for numerous Pacific Rim magazines. He is the main author and photographer to a dozen Lonely Planet/Pisces series guides including The Diving and Snorkeling Guides to Thailand, Belize, Cayman Islands, South Africa & Mozambique, Bonaire, Chuuk-Pohnpei-Kosrae, Palau, Bali & Lombok, Guam & Yap, Papua New Guinea and The Philippines.

He currently owns a photographic art gallery in Guam at the Fish Eye Marine Park. Rock's photographic work is represented by his own Guam-based agency and by top photographic agents worldwide. He also has 23 e-books for sale at iTunes and his own publishing site:

Publishing Website:
Photography Websites:  |

Christina Hepburn

Christina is a dedicated explorer, adventurer, and yogini; she has traveled extensively and has scuba dived all over the globe. Qualified as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, Christina's love for the ocean started at a very young age. Ever since she was gifted "The Little Mermaid" at 5 years old, she instantly knew that she was "that girl". She initially got certified in diving in 2000 if only to add another dimension to a bone-fishing trip in the Turks and Caicos. Of course almost 16 years later, it has turned into a passion which is her core essence and the catalyst to her creativity and artistic expression.

In harmony with her underwater photography, Christina is a fine art painter fluent in watercolour, acrylic and oil media; she is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her work is owned and displayed in collections worldwide including being gifted by the Federal Government of Canada to seven First Nations Chiefs during a Peace Treaty signing in the province of British Columbia, Canada. Christina is also a published writer/photographer in both the scuba diving and real estate world. She is a regular contributor to Action Diver Magazine, touching on marine conservation issues in the diving locations that she travels to. Christina shoots with a Canon 5D Mark III, Aquatica Housing and Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes.

Christina also has a business career in real estate and is the principle and owner of the Hepburn Real Estate Group— specializing in luxury residential sales in Vancouver, BC for over two decades.

Artist statement: "I explore and capture the beauty of our underwater world with my heart and with the help of my lens. It is where I merge with Divinity and create compelling images. I then write and paint about my inner journey. This is my humble way of contributing toward marine conservation." * Instagram: Christina.Hepburn


Bernard Radvaner

Bernard is a French UW-photographer based in Paris-France, born in 1971 and started diving in 1986. During his years working as diving instructor, he became passionate about underwater photography and quickly became pro.

Today his work is featured in a variety of magazines, image banks, galleries, and advertisements from North America, Europe to Asia. He travels every year from the cold water of North Europe to remote areas in Asia. He works essentially with his Canon 5dmk3 in an Aquatica housing. |

Detlef Denne

Detlef Denne is an award-winning underwater photographer with a variety of photographic skills. He is co-founder and co-owner of, a professional stock photo agency of the nature photography. Detlef Denne is a CMAS Photo Instructor Level II and member of the renowned nature photographers Association (GDT) German Society wildlife photographer.

Since 1995, he shares his knowledge of underwater photography just as practical and vividly and leads because of its recognized expertise over 10 years underwater photography work shops for Nikon Germany.

Benjamin Iglesis

I am Benjamin Iglesis Buchanan, also known as Benja (pronounced Benha). My first image was published in a small newspaper in Chile in 1989. Since then I have been to every continent, dove both polar circles, been scuba diving in every ocean, visited over 25 countries, and logged more than 7000 dives. My camera has been my constant companion in my travels which has enabled me to publish my work in various magazines around the world. Along the way I have become a member of the Ocean Artist Society & Nikon Professional Services, a certified PADI instructor, and a certified First Responder Instructor. I have also done several commercial shoots in the U.S., Egypt, South Africa, Tanzania, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, and Chile. However my specialty is travel, particularly with small groups of people to the most incredible destinations around the world. Fluent in English and Spanish and I am able to communicate in Italian and Portuguese. For the past 15 years I been shooting exclusively with Aquatica housings on my opinion the best equipment in the market today.

Gregory Piper

Gregory Piper is a professional photojournalist and artist who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His true passions are photography, art and scuba diving. His first dive was not until October of 2008, an afternoon that immediately changed his life.

He bought his first housing in October of 2010 a Canon 5D Mark II and has not looked back. His passion for diving can be seen in his log books, between October of 2018 and October 2014 he has logged over twenty two hundred dives and visited every bucket list dive destination from the Caribbean to the Indo Pacific and then some. He shares his passion for the oceans with his daughters who often accompany him on hos travels. He is driven to explore new places not yet on the mainstream diving map and bring them to his readers.

His images grace the pages of both Sportdiver and Scuba Diving. He has a monthly destination and photo contribution on His photographs are showcased in dive resorts around the world including his “signature” room in Sunset House, Grand Cayman.  He is currently working on two books scheduled for publication later this year.

When not diving he can be found lecturing at high schools and universities on the oceans ecosystem and conservation responsibilities in scuba diving. His articles and photo courses often focus on underwater photographers professional responsibility to the environment in which they work.

You can view some of his images and follow his travels on his site You can also get real time updates and photos by joining the over 100,000 people who follow him at

Pete Mesley

Pete is fully dedicated to underwater exploration. Being on the Nat Geo Britannic 2009 expedition as one of the primary photographers, his images have been printed in many dive publications globally. With his company Lust4Rust Diving Excursions and Aquatic Adventures, Pete focuses on leading expeditions to some of the most isolated locations on the planet offering full technical and medical support. With places like Bikini Atoll, Truk Lagoon, South China Sea, Sri Lanka, New Zealand etc there is no shortage of photo opportunities in these pristine locations.

You can see some of his images on his site and more images on his photography site

Mac Stone

Mac Stone grew up in the Sunshine State exploring the swamps, prairies, and springs of North Central Florida. An award-winning conservation photographer and naturalist, he specializes in documenting America's swamps and wetlands and exploring the complex relationships between mankind and the natural world. His images have appeared in countless domestic and international publications, including National Geographic Traveler, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Nature's Best Photography, Outdoor Photographer, Audubon Magazine, National Parks magazine and many more. He is the author of the newly released book Everglades: America's Wetland published by University Press of Florida. He uses an Aquatica housing for the Canon 5dmkiii and he'll be taking it on assignment to Madagascar in November to shoot a story for the Save Our Seas Foundation as a winner of the first annual Marine Conservation Photography Grant. To see his work visit:

Pipe Perez

Born in Medellin, Colombia Pipe Perez, has always been interested in vivid colors and the natural beauty of movement, at the age of six, a christmas gift of a polaroid instamatic camera fueled his passion for photography. Pipe was amazed as the pictures magically were developed by the camera. Documenting family vacations and his extensive travels around the globe only added to his desire to capture every moment he experienced on film and now digitally. Pipe received a doctorate in dentistry, The artistry and creativity of his profession has led to his current experimentation with his photography. His recent works explore the human form with the enhancement of light, water and color, "I am always striving to see how water, light and motion will enhance an image…change a mood..a feeling…an emotion"

His goal is to create artistic scenery  capturing the otherworldly sensation of suspended weightlessness to evoke a Zen like return to the floating world. The visual result is as beautiful as it is disturbing creating a painting without the use of a brush that reveal the fluid nature of reality and the mysterious spiritual beings that live hidden within. Each color is discovered via an extended synesthetic immersion and once this conversion is reached into the real soul of the photograph. The process involves hundreds of hours of experimentation until the precise effect, drama, vibrancy and color structure is achieved. pipe Perez currently resides in South Florida where he takes on commission work and continues fullfilling his artistic journey. 

Scott Mudd

Born in Peru and spending most of his childhood overseas as the son of a diplomat, Scott’s early exposure to various cultures and landscapes instilled in him an interest in photography in order to better explain his experiences to family and friends.  Inspired by his father, an avid photographer and artist, and nurtured by television shows such as “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau,” Scott began taking photos at the age of seven.

A certified scuba-diver since 1987, Scott continued his travels as an adult, focusing on exploring the undersea world. Having experienced some of the planet’s best diving areas such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Palau, Yap, Bali, the Andaman Sea, the Marianas Islands, and the Hawaiian Islands, Scott’s appreciation of Nature’s power and splendor became embedded in his psyche.  Having settled in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, Scott (a PADI instructor since 1995) teaches scuba and guides underwater tours professionally.  In the water almost every day of the year, he rarely dives without his Nikon D700, (hopefully, soon to be his D810) and Aquatica housing.

Scott’s website:

Dominique Danvoye

Since an early age Dominique is passionate about nature. His curiosity and interest for adventure and discoveries have led to the diving in the early1990s and the underwater photography soon followed. Since 2007,he dives closed-circuit rebreather.

Dominique finds his inspiration in the amazing and fragile aquatic wildlife and flora. He appreciates the less frequented places such as marshes, rivers, caves, wrecks and deep zone less easily accessible.

In addition to having received awards in competitions, pictures and articles have been published in several Canadian and European magazines. His images are used by many organizations such as Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Parks Canada, SEPAQ, the Wildlife Foundation of Quebec and multiple aquatic environment education centers and museums including the Montreal Biodome. In 2012 and 2013 Dominique has worked extensively in the Saguenay Fjord and in few salmon rivers.

Fabrice Guerin

Directeur Artistique de métier, j'ai eu la chance d'accompagner de nombreux passionnés d’images terrestres et sous-marines pour des reportages magazines et télévisés. Immortaliser la nature à l’état pure est devenu alors un leitmotiv. Après avoir photographié durant plusieurs années en argentique (NIKONOS V) puis réalisé quelques courts-métrages animaliés, je suis passé au numérique avec enthousiasme. Les limites étant repoussées, certaines prises de vues sont devenues alors possibles. Expositions photos, festival, interventions dans les écoles primaires avec notre association "Mille et Une Mers", me permet régulièrement de faire partager mes images à tous les amoureux de la nature qu’ils soient petits ou grands. Je photographie actuellement avec un Canon 5D MarkIII et un caisson Aquatica équipé d'un dôme 6 pouces, 9 pouces et d'un viseur 45° | | |

Jett Britnell

Jett Britnell is a Canadian diving photojournalist who lives happily with his lovely wife, Kathryn, in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Kathryn now works with Jett as an underwater model, photographer and co-author. Jett is also a member of the Professional Writers of Canada, British Columbia Association of Travel Writers and Wyland’s prestigious, Ocean Artists Society.

Jett became a certified scuba diver in 1980 and discovered the art of underwater photography in 1983. His love for the ocean and his lifelong fascination with sharks began at the early age of five when he would watch black & white episodes of the famed underwater television series, Sea Hunt. His boyhood heroes, Ron & Valerie Taylor, fuelled Jett’s wanderlust with their shark diving exploits. All this inspired Jett to become an internationally published diving photojournalist who specializes in editorial assignments, digital stock photography and participates as a guest speaker at several North American Dive Shows.

His images have graced the covers of numerous magazines and he has been a Travel Editor for Northwest Dive News and previously served as a Contributing Editor to Canada’s Diver Magazine for 15 years. Jett’s words & images have been published in magazines such as: Northwest Dive News (USA), Diver Magazine (Canada), Sport Diver (USA), Depth Magazine (Canada), Underwater Photography (UK) Scuba Diver Australasia (SG) and Sportdiving in Australia to name a few. Some destinations he has travelled on assignment to are the Maldives, Philippines, Fiji, Indonesia, Palau, Truk Lagoon, Ponape, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Cook Islands, Hawaii, Cozumel, Baja, Bonaire, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Alaska, British Columbia, cavern diving on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and cage diving with Great White Sharks at Isla de Guadalupe, Mexico. Wild adventures that have provided Jett with some memorable undersea encounters with Tiger Sharks, Wolf eels, Giant Pacific Octopus along with other fascinating denizens of the deep... Oh My!

Jett has been using Aquatica Underwater Housings since 1986. His current underwater set up is a Nikon D800 housed in an Aquatica AD800 Housings, Twin Sea & Sea YSD1 strobes, along with the following workhorse Nikon lenses; 16mm full frame fisheye, 16-35mm zoom, 20mm, 60mm, 105mm.

Photography Websites: |


Jean-Michel was born in France and has been exploring caves since 1978, he began to dive in caves, lakes and the oceans in 1987. He started underwater photography in 1992 using a Nikonos IV and then moved to a Nikon F801 in an Aquatica housing. After shooting many years with a Nikon D70 (still functioning) he now uses a Nikon D2x also in an Aquatica housing which has proven in cave diving and in some of the most severe conditions.

Jean Michel aims is discovering and sharing, through photography, unknown worlds and beautiful sceneries, and he has developed really advanced photography techniques to capture the best possible images without resorting to important software post processing.

You can view some pictures and contact Jean Michel at : / /

Michael Ready

Michael Ready is a nature photographer based in San Diego, California. From vanishing amphibians to bioluminescent squid, Ready's collection of images seeks to reveal the diversity of life and particularly its smaller and lesser-known forms. While possessing a background deeply rooted in natural history, Ready’s vision is divergent from typified nature photography. His work proceeds from a fine arts perspective, with an eye for rich colors, abstract patterns, and compositional mystery. The resulting images bring a sense of connection to the wild within and without us -- and to the idea that nothing is outside of nature

"So much wildlife is undervalued simply for the reason that it is not itself easily recognizable, and its contribution to the planet, ecosystem, or humanity, even less so. This is especially true of the smaller forms -- the strange ones that require us to get down into the undergrowth with a magnifying glass, snorkel a stream, or explore the nooks of a reef to know they are there. The bulk of my work focuses on these unusual yet captivating and often beautiful creatures. I try to create windows to those secret worlds in ways that foster a greater awareness of the magnificence of the natural world and its enormous biodiversity -- and hopefully encourage action to preserve wildlife and wild places."

Toward that effort, Ready is an Associate Member of the International League of Conservation Photographers ( -- a group using awe-inspiring photography to further environmental and cultural conservation. Through this group his work is being used directly in conservation projects and outreach.

His field expeditions have taken him to locales around the world, including the Amazon Basin, Central America, Southeast Asia, and Japan, where he was honored to swim in mountain streams with giant salamanders as old as he. Though he has traveled to remote and exotic destinations, he still finds intrigue and inspiration in the details of an ochre sea star or a colony of California harvester ants.

For more of Ready’s work, please visit

Koudri Hocine

Koudri Hocine, 27, Algerian Diver Level 3, discovered underwater photography in 2009 and since he never dives without his camera. He won the first underwater photography competition in Algeria in 2011 and takes third place in 2012. He is fascinated by the diver's contact set with fish before the shooting. The equipment he uses is a box for aquatica d60, macro lens nikkor afs 60mm, dome 6 "with a sigma 10-20 mm extension ring. His ambition is to discover the Algerian's underwater world to all divers around the world through a book of pictures as this country is not well known.

Nicole Holmes 

Nicole Holmes was born in St-Catharine, Ontario, Canada in 1973. She bought her first camera at the age of 12, and ever since that day, she has been photographing life as she sees it, she is very adventurous by nature, loves to travel and is a true sports fanatic. Learning new sports is at par with her passion for photography.

Nicole is fairly new in underwater photography. She took her first photo underwater in 2008 with a Sony point and shoot and now shoots with an Aquatica D3s. She loves the artistic side of photography and her working elements can be anything, from the air, hanging from a cliff, back on the ground and above or under water for TV productions

She has lived in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada, Buenos Aires, Argentina and she currently resides in Mexico City. Her work has been published in magazines and books, she has done TV and radio interviews, expositions and some of her work is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Medicine in Mexico City.

Adriana Basques

Adriana Basques was born in Brazil, where she have lived, worked and explored for most of her life. Traveling has always been in her blood and she has being traveling to many interesting places throughout the world.

Her background is on Electronic and Telecommunication engineering and after 18 years of a successful career as an Executive in IBM, in 2010 she decided to take a leave of absence to enjoy life of a different flavor, focusing her interest on photography and scuba diving.
She has settled into the San Francisco bay area. "Photography has always been a passion for me, but not until I became a scuba diver had the spark truly ignited when my interest in underwater photography began to inspire me in a new ways."

Her first dive experience was in 1996 in the Caribbean. Shortly after she found herself diving all over the world. "My first underwater images were taken in the cold waters of the Galapagos Islands. This became the turning point for me. Since then I have become enamored with underwater photography as a craft and as an art form and Aquatica is my choice for housing."

The most influential region of the world for her has been the photographic opportunities in Southeast Asia. The diversity of culture and biodiversity of marine life underwater has drawn me back countless times. To know more about Adriana's work, visit her website:

Mathieu Coulombe-

Mathieu started diving in 1999 when he began fishing sea urchin commercially in the St. Lawrence River near his hometown of Rimouski, Quebec. Since 2007, he has been photographing the underwater world from Southeast Asia to the Caribbean, and the Northeast American waters. His passion resides in balancing the natural light with wide-angles to depict the beauty of the marine realm. He is today based in Nova Scotia, Canada and recently upgraded his Nikon D70s for a D7000.

For more information and photo galleries visit:

Eiko Jones

Living on the Pacific Northwest on Vancouver Island has led Eiko Jones into a lifestyle of great diving and photographic experiences. Eiko Jones Photography showcases unique views of the natural world around us, featuring beautiful landscapes and exotic underwater scenes.

While growing up in New Zealand, Eiko acquired his first SLR camera at the age of fourteen. He quickly discovered his passion for capturing images of animals, especially birds, in their natural habitat. During extensive trips along the West Coast of British Columbia and Alaska in the early 1990's, his focus shifted to coastal landscapes above and below the waterline. The catalyst that drew Eiko deeper into underwater photography were two shark diving expeditions in which he participated in 2011. Whether exploring the ocean or alternate bodies of water, such as marshes and rivers, Eiko has developed a dramatic style in which he celebrates the corners of our world which are seldom seen. He captures the surreal through constant awareness of lighting and unique angles. Camera equipment includes Nikon D90, Aquatica AD90 housing, Inon z240 strobes, Tokina 10-17mm lens

Robert La Salle

Depuis sa tendre enfance, passée en bordure du Fleuve Saint-Laurent, Robert La Salle se passionne pour la nature, le plein air et les activités aquatiques. Il découvre la photographie à la fin de son secondaire et dans la jeune vingtaine, il fait ses premiers essais en photographie sous-marine. La multitude des formes et des couleurs de la faune aquatique de l’estuaire du Saint-Laurent s’avère pour lui une magnifique source d’inspiration.

Depuis, ses photos ont été publiées dans plusieurs magazines dont Canadian Geographic, L’actualité, Québec Science, Elle Québec, Géo Plein Air, Biosphère et Nature sauvage. Plusieurs organismes publics et privés incluant le Biodôme de Montréal, La Biosphère, Parcs Canada, Pêches et Océans Canada, la Société nationale Audubon, Conservation Québec, la Fédération de faune du Québec ainsi que la SEPAQ ont aussi utilisé ses images. De surcroît, les murs de plusieurs centres d'interprétation, dont celui du Centre de découverte du milieu marin des Escoumins, affichent de ses images. Il est également l’auteur du guide d’identification «La vie en eau douce» et coauteur du guide «Sous les eaux du Saint-Laurent».

Inspiré par son grand-père qui a enseigné avec passion toute sa vie, Robert La Salle emprunte le même chemin au début de la vingtaine. Il enseigne alors plusieurs disciplines reliées au monde aquatique. Il a ensuite étudié la photographie au Collège Marsan à Montréal et y enseigne depuis plus de 25 ans. Il agit actuellement comme coordonnateur pédagogique pour l’enseignement de la postproduction numérique.

Site web : www.aqua‐

Nicolas Noel

Born on 1969, far from the ocean, I started diving in 1995 in La Reunion, french volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, 700 kms east of Madagascar. CMAS* diving monitor and Biology animator, he's very happy to lead people discovering undersea world.

Nicolas has been photographing on Earth since 1994 with a Minolta X700. He took APN underwater since 2006, first with a nice little Canon A95, second with a D80 in Ikelite and finally with D7000 in its Aquatica very ergonomic and compact housing.

Future (dreamed) destinations : Indonesia, British Columbia, French Polynesia
Website: |

Victor Tabernero

Nature photojournalist and wildlife lover. He is always sharing his passion between land photography and underwater photography. Since his early age, photography was the language for transmitting his feelings and a natural link to the wildlife. The oceans have always been part of his life. The leap from land to ocean was a logical path as a Nature photographer. Always looking for the peak of the action and the soul of the Nature. He has been awarded in International photo contests and his pictures has been published in diving and scientific magazines. Currently he teaches underwater photography on specialized workshops all around the world. He has been relying on Aquatica gear since the film camera era. "Aquatica never let me alone wherever I've been. I fully trust in my  housings, even when a huge tiger shark decides to bump into it!"

Facebook page:
UW workshop and tutorials:

Rhea Pappas

Rhea Pappas is a young, vibrant, female fine artist and commercial photographer based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. From a young age she has been crewing, sailing, and scuba diving on large bodies of water. Once discovering photography as her love, it was only a matter of time until all of her passions collided into one unified carrier in underwater photography. Even when she's underwater she finds way to sing to the fish…. and sometimes models.

Throughout her carrier she has had a bold start and strong resume. From winning The Scholastic Art Photography Portfolio Award and a largescholarship to her college of choice in 2005 to the American Photographers Association Best of Students in 2008 there has never been a dull moment. Just her first year shooting underwater in 2009 she won Prix de la Photographie, Paris Best Underwater Work in the People's Choice Awards and continues to photograph and show dynamic, sensual, and visually stunning underwater fine art work.

She dreams of buying her own sailboat, living sustainably, and sailing around the word photographing, dreaming, living, and experiencing the lives in front of her in unique, beautiful, and original ways.

Bassem Jamour

I live in Monaco where diving is very demanding due to the depth of most sites (30 to 60 meters and beyond). I discovered diving in 2009 while on a vacation trip in the Dominican Republic. Since then, I have been totally fascinated and taken by the beauty of the sea. We should make people aware that we are not alone, the sea is full of life, a fragile life. We should teach people to respect the sea and its beautiful creatures.  

"A picture is worth a thousand words"... Through my pictures and site, I hope to help people discover, respect and appreciate the beauty of the sea... It is a pure pleasure to take underwater pictures and share my passion and my love with everyone:

I participated in the 8th & 9th Monaco Underwater Photography Competition:
2010: Winner 3rd place Finalist
2011: Winner of the "Coup de Coeur de Jury"

John Gilley

I got hooked on diving in 2001 and worked my way up the PADI system becoming an instructor in 2007. I spent a year working as a dive master/videographer in the Caribean for Nekton Dive Cruses. after a year back on shore working in The Dive Shop in northern Virginia I went back to sea, working as a divemaster/photo video pro on the Kona Aggressor.

I shot the weekly video and all of the stills with Sony's NEX 5 in an Aquatica N5 housing. I am currently working on a web site to showcase my work in Hawaii and a few other Pacific Islands at

Octavio Aburto

Octavio Aburto is an underwater photographer associate to the International League of Conservation Photographers, and Postdoctoral researcher at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He has been photographing Mexican marine ecosystem since 1994, and is the leader of a regional project in the Gulf of California that deals with the conservation of coastal wetlands and fishspawning aggregations. In addition, he leads a program that uses photo identification of large marine predators inside Mexican marine protected areas.

He was born in Mexico City in 1973. When he was 17 years old he moved to Baja California Sur, to live in La Paz where hestayed for almost two decades. He obtained his Marine Biology degree from the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur in 1995, and he became a professor at the same University from 1997 through 2003. He moved to San Diego CA in 2004 to obtain a PhD at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Now, as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the same oceanography institution, Heis coordinating several efforts to consolidate a program on Marine Biodiversity and Conservation for the Gulf of California, which includes a large communication initiative call “Mares Mexicanos” using his underwater photography to inspire the creation of marine reserves.

“I believe that by translating natural history and scientific issues into images I can directly impact and influence public perception, practices by local people, and government policy”. He uses Aquatica Housings for Nikon D200, D2X, D300s, and D700.


Husain B. Al-Qallaf

Husain B. Al-Qallaf is a NAUI course director, head of Senyar Dive Team, and Vice President of The Volunteer Work Center in Kuwait.
involved in numerous marine and environmental projects and missions, such as rehabilitation of Kuwait marine environment after the Iraqi invasion. He worked as the principle coordinator of The Sea Turtle Project in Kuwait and participated in The Discovery and Protection of Sharks in the Middle East Program in Sudan (2009). Also, he was involved in The Whale Shark Expedition in Djibouti (2010-2011), and provided professional photographs for the book “Whale Sharks” by David Rowat. He won many photography awards in numerous national and international contests.

Nicolas Dujardin

Nicolas Dujardin, born in 1968, takes photos as a hobby for about 20 years using a Leica. He started diving in 2008 and it became soon a new hobby that he logically wanted to combine with its previous one.

After a necessary migration from silver film to numeric, he is now mainly taking underwater photography, currently using a Nikon D3S with Aquatica housing and ports.

Nicolas Tolstoï

The ocean is a fascination for me and an essential element in my life. I began my career like professional scientist diver, complete by a university degree in  marine biology and underwater ecology. I worked for various jobs, all in connection with the sea; in oceanographic centers and research laboratories.

As a diver, photography has naturally emerged as the best means of expression to capture and freeze my vision of this « nature océane ». In 2010 I decided to devote myself entirely to underwater photography by becoming professional. I am now photographer specializing in marine environment and I get  the chance to travel the world in countries that interest me.

Since I started as a professional underwater photographer, I always used AQUATICA material and is a guarantee of quality and robustness during my many traveling abroad. My goal, is to bring the viewer to be invaded by the shapes, the colors, the structures, and textures ... Let him be soak up by alchemy of these elements and feeling a sensation, an emotion regardless of which register. The important thing is the power of this emotion. That is the purpose of my photographic work.

Louise Murray

Louise is a freelance photojournalist specialising in travel, science and technology, and the polar regions for magazines and newspapers around the world. She has also been leading expeditions to the high Arctic since 1999, visiting Franz Josef land in Russia, Svalbard in Norway, Greenland, and Nunavut in Canada. An exhibition of her polar work runs from 15 October 2011 to 31 January 2012 at Lacock photography gallery.

Louise has been leading expeditions to the high Arctic since 1999, visiting Franz Josef land in Russia, Svalbard in Norway, Greenland, and Nunavut in Canada.  She spent 8 months in the high Arctic leading expeditions, and on assignment during 2007 and 2008.  She is an extremely experienced ice diver and Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Divemaster.  She has worked with film crews from the BBC, National Geographic, Galatee/Disneynature Films, Brazilian TV in various Arctic productions supporting them in the region and is considered an expert in the field.  She visited the Antarctic to dive and photograph in January 2009 by yacht, Pelagic Australis.

Louise also works directly for television and film companies in scouting and production manager roles on a freelance basis.  Recent jobs have included scouting for Galatee films, France; in Greenland for narwhals, and in Cornwall for a basking shark shoot to plan the shoot and set up all logistics.  She has an excellent working relationship with BBC Current Affairs and develops ideas jointly with them.

An exhibition of her polar photography opened at the Scott Polar Institute in Cambridge in March 2008, the first by a contemporary photographer at the prestigious venue.

Pete Nawrocky

Pete has spent over 35 years exploring, photographing and diving the world’s oceans, lakes, caves and shipwrecks. You can find his photographs in dive publications and on the internet, read his articles on rebreathers, marine life and gear configurations, and is a frequent guest lecturer at industry trade shows, dive centers and civic organizations. He is a recipient of the Beneath the Sea Diver of the Year Award, NAUI Outstanding Contribution to Sport Diving Award, SSI Platinum Pro and the 2014 Outstanding Contribution to the Dive Industry Award at TEKDive USA. As an active instructor, you can find Pete at the local quarry any given weekend sharing his experiences and learning from other divers.

Christian Vizl

I have a passion for the ocean, for animals, for beauty and nature. Used to be a Diving Instructor, now I only dive for pleasure. I´m also a cave diver, and an artist. So now I'm combining this to create unique underwater images.

Because beyond the issue of our survival is the issue of how we experience our life and how we celebrate it. And our experience of life is intrinsically linked to how we communicate and "connect" with everything around us, especially with all life around us. In my case, it’s the ocean and their living creature that makes me want to celebrate. So my photography is intended to be a celebration of marine life and the underwater world.

Aaron Fink

Aaron Fink’s photographic zeal began at an early age when he would accompany his cousin Jerry Wachter, a famous Sports Illustrated photographer, to sporting events. Aaron worked closely with his cousin, learning basic photographic and darkroom techniques. In 1979, his passion for the ocean led him to discover the joys and wonders of scuba diving. He obtained his open water certification through NAUI in 1985, followed by his advanced open water training in 1986.  Later that same year, he purchased his first underwater camera and discovered a new arena in which to apply his photographic skills.

An ardent student of the sea, Aaron brings the gifts of a medical background -- a love of life, compassion and scientific rigor -- to his photography. Along the way, he has worked with Ella Jean Morgan, Franklin Viola, and Donald Tipton in his ongoing quest for artistic excellence. Aaron always aims to maximize light, texture, and composition in conveying the beauty of his photographic subjects.

Aaron resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Vicki, who shares his passion for the beauty of our underwater world.


Jesse Cancelmo

Jesse made his first scuba dive in 1969 on a visit to Bermuda, and he was hooked. Since then he’s stoked his passion by diving around the globe, from World War II wrecks off New Jersey to the coral reefs of Papua New Guinea. Jesse is a contributing Editor/Photographer for Dive Training magazine and his articles and underwater images have appeared in dozens of wildlife, diving and news publications. Credits include BBC Wildlife, National Geographic books, USA Today and Newsweek magazine.

Cancelmo has authored three books: Diving Bermuda, Diving Cayman Islands, and his latest book, Texas Coral Reefs, which is a celebration of the natural treasures off the Texas and Louisiana coastlines. Jesse was trimix certified in 1998 and in order to complete a recent magazine assignment for Texas Parks and Wildlife (“Deep, Dark and Dangerous” – December 2011), Jesse complete training for full cave certification. His logbook includes dives on the Andrea Doria, the USS Monitor and the Brine Seep near the East Flower Garden Bank reef.


Steffen Binke

Steffen Binke is an International Multi Award winning photographer. He started his passion in late 2007 when he purchased his first professional digital camera and underwater-housing. Shortly after he had his breakthrough with winning the Grand prize of the National Wildlife Federation, Grand Prize Scuba Diving Magazine, 5th Winner of Natures Best Photography from the Smithsonian National History Museum and several other prizes and honourable mentions like the National Geographic International Photo contest. He has been published in several magazines and books like Best of Photography 2009 or Welt der Wunder Magazine.

With his background as a former professional Soccer player, he is always willing to push beyond limits and is motivated to create and develop more skills and ideas. His way of photography allows him to give every client a unique and striking result to fulfil wishes and demands for everyone, starting from portraits above and underwater, landscape, wildlife and wedding photography. He loves nothing more than going diving. Based in Cairns in Far North Queensland Australia, he can offer everything to everyone with his different repertoire of Photography.


Ryan Miller

Ryan Miller is a commercial diver, photographer and conservationist from Vancouver Island, Canada.  Ryan's work has been published by Diver Magazine, Sport Diver Magazine, Canadian Business Magazine, CADC Magazine, Amron Internation and D.F.O Canada.  Most of his time underwater is spent doing biological surveys, engineering inspections, construction and salvage around British Columbia & Alberta. Ryan has also worked on numerous Sea Legacy expeditions around Vancouver Island with his friend and mentor Paul Nicklen.

Websites: /

Sean Havas

Although a relative newcomer to the underwater photography game, Sean Havas embodies passion; the main reason for his impressively quick development into one of the industry's most promising new photographers. From a young age, Sean developed keen interests of adventure, wildlife and the arts. These same initial interests persisted and slowly matured into his life's defining passions. Beyond his passions, Sean can accredit his successes in all facets of his life to a constant determination to never back down from a challenge. His unparalleled drive toward adventure constantly transcends into his everyday life and is reflected through his unrivaled list of life experiences marking his footprint all over the globe. Through this uncanny devotion to adventure and challenge, Sean was naturally drawn to the water. Sean began his extensive relationship with the seas scuba diving and once introduced to the vast world of underwater photography he truly found his calling; an ideal combination of adventure, challenge, wildlife and the pursuit of perfection. Aquatica has supported Sean ever since his initial steps through every phase of his development. Sean has dedicated his life to pursuing the oceans biggest animals, in their natural habitats, in quest of the world's most impressive shots. His unmatched drive keeps him striving for the very top. Beyond this however, Sean gains the most satisfaction through sharing his experiences with others. He offers some of the world's most unique diving and snorkeling expeditions worldwide to not only share his experiences but pass along his knowledge in order to ensure his guests leave with all the shots they came to get.


Tomasz Stachura

Tomasz Stachura lives and dives on the Baltic sea, in a place where diving is very demanding, but the wrecks are beautiful and kept in good condition. Specializing in deep wreck photography. He has taken the dive and underwater photography below a depth of 100 meters.

Tomasz has dived on famous Baltic wrecks such as Gustloff, Goya, Sea Horse and Graf Zeppelin as well as taking part in discovering and identifying new wrecks. He had also the opportunity to take pictures in difficult Florida caves, like Eagle Nest or Diepolder. Working closely with several institutions, taking part in many expeditions as a documenter and manager.

Tomasz is a co-founder of BALTICTECH – a diving conference connected with the Baltic sea and also the founder of SANTI, a company which produces dry suits and undersuit's. To see Tomasz work follow this link:

Todd Mintz

Todd is a multi-award winning Canadian marine and nature photographer who’s images have been recognized in numerous international photography competitions. Highlights include being selected Best of Show in the prestigious Nature’s Best/Smithsonian Ocean Views Competition. This competition also selected Todd’s images to be part of an exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington DC for the second time.  In addition one of his images was featured on the exhibit hall banners and promotions throughout the Smithsonian.

Todd’s images have graced the covers of magazines including, Nature’s Best Magazine, Sport Diver Magazine, and Scuba Diving Magazine. His images have been published in numerous magazines, books, newspapers, trade show backdrops, and websites throughout the world including being featured on PADI's website main page. Todd is also a long standing Senior Moderator at one of the most respected resources for underwater photography.


Todd's work can be found at and

Ethan Daniels

Ethan Daniels is a freelance marine photojournalist and guide based in Berkeley, California.  Annual travels take him all over the planet, from the rich, temperate waters of the northern Atlantic and the eastern Pacific, to the warm, diverse Coral Triangle, Andaman Sea, and Caribbean. After graduate school, where Ethan studied the behavioral ecology of reef fishes, he spent nine years in Micronesia, studying and photographing the region's unique marine habitats, flora, and fauna.  Favoring parts of the world that are off-the-beaten-track, he currently combines his passions for natural history and photography to write, guide, and play a role in preserving the integrity of the world's marine ecosystems. Ethan's latest work can be found at and his first solo-authored book, Under Cape Cod Waters, published in 2010 by Union Park Press, is available online.  His follow up book, Coral Triangle Seascapes, is due to be published at the end of 2011.

Christopher Guglielmo

Christopher Guglielmo is a professional underwater photographer based out of Miami.  He has over 30 photography awards to his credit, has shot & written for numerous publications, and has been displayed in several of the most prestigious museums around the world.  Having shot in nearly 40 different countries, a bulk of his underwater portfolio comes from his 7 years dedicated to shooting in the Turks & Caicos Islands, and 2 years exploring Papua New Guinea.

At present, Christopher Guglielmo's major focus is his new art gallery in Miami, featuring his underwater images as well as a collection of original acrylic and watercolor paintings based exclusively on his photographs, by his mother, Beth Sallee.  While his gallery consumes the lion's share of his time, he still travels frequently, as the thrill of a photographic hunt is the driving force behind his life.

Contact: |

Matti Ovaska

Matti Ovaska is a Mechanical Engineer currently based in Brisbane who got into diving while visiting Cairns in North Queensland, Australia in January 2000 and has since progressed in diving in having completed various courses with “Advanced Nitrox” and “Decompression Procedures” courses being the latest. These courses have been undertaken to enable Matti to expand his ability to explore the underwater world. Since his first dive in 2000 Matti has been to Bikini Atoll, Chuuk Lagoon, East Timor, Indonesia, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Sri Lanka,  Thailand, Vanuatu and of course Australia. One of his goals to dive all the accessible Aircraft Carriers wrecks, having been on both the USS Saratoga and the HMAS Hermes. The next on the list will be the USS Oriskany and if training and time allows the Graf Zeppelin. The other goal is to show people the wonders of this small blue planet.

You can see the photography of Matti at

Nathalie Lasselin

Nathalie Lasselin is a professional director of photography and underwater camera operator for feature films, music video and all king all film and video production. Having learn her craft at the NFB (National Film Board of Canada) she has produced and directed documentaries who won numerous awards all over the world. She shares her love and curiosity through films, articles, conferences and training. She is a technical and full cave instructor.

Avi Klapfer

Avi Klapfer has earned an international reputation as a sailor, diver and underwater photographer/cinematographer. His career began as a Command Captain in the Israeli Navy in 1975 and has included oceanic search and recovery missions on a 3000-ton research/supply vessel. His further experiences have included dive charter vessel design and management in the Red Sea, Palau and Costa Rica. In addition to operating the UNDERSEA HUNTER fleet, his current activities are focused on the design and operation of the DeepSee submersible which fully utilize his talents as an artist, craftsmen, engineer, master diver and sea captain. Deep-See can affectively support major commercial marine ventures, complex cinematographic productions, adventure dive expeditions and scientific investigations. To see the work of Avi please visit his website at

Michel Braunstein

Born in Belgium an involved in underwater photographer for over 25 years, Michel’s pictures and articles have been published all over the world in scores of magazines, including the famous American “Scuba Diving”, the Canadian "Diver Magazine" and the “National Geographic”.

Michel switched in 2004 from his old and beloved Nikonos cameras to digital cameras used in Aquatica housing. In 2007, Michel won the prize for the best promotional website, at the Antibes “World Festival of Underwater Images”:

Michel Braunstein is well known for his famous and unique pictures of the Nemo33, the deepest diving pool in Brussels - Belgium and for is photographs of the rare and elusive Amazonian pink dolphins. Work from Michel can be seen at  

As well is images can be seen on Flickr:

Jo-Ann Wilkins

Jo-Ann Wilkins is a dive instructor and dive charter operator who specializes in underwater photography. She started diving many years ago and quickly became interested in underwater photography. Passionate about cold water diving, she photographs the historical shipwrecks of the Canadian Great Lakes and the St-Lawrence River and documents the diverse marine life found in these waters. Jo-Ann has also photographed marine life in places such as Alaska, California, Mexico and Thailand, to name just a few, and regularly arranges and leads diving expeditions in exotic locations. Jo-Ann also specializes in underwater portraiture and frequently photographs pregnant women, babies, children and fashion models underwater. She currently teaches underwater photography in a dive shop in Montreal which has allowed her to share her passion with many new underwater photographers. She is a contributing photographer for the In Transit photo agency.

Peter G. Allinson, M.D.

Born 1949 in Brooklyn, N.Y., I grew up watching the Sea Hunt series and Jacques Cousteau voyages and dreamed of being able to dive. In 1970 I became a certified SCUBA diver while attending the University of Miami. I continued to dive throughout undergraduate and medical school while at the University of Miami and became interested in treating SCUBA accidents. During my Anesthesiology residency at the University of Miami,  I received my diving medical officer certification from N.O.A.A./U.H.M.S./U.S.N. and became the co-director for the re-compression chamber located at the N.O.A.A. facility on Virginia Key, as time went on I became the center's Director. I completed my residency in Anesthesiology and fellowships in critical care and eventually moved to Baltimore where I practiced Critical Care and Hyperbaric Medicine. I am currently the Hyperbaric Medical Director at the Hyperbaric and wound healing center at Good Samaritan Hospital in Baltimore.

I developed an interest in underwater photography in 2004, first starting with point and shoot cameras and then progressing to DSLRs.The first DSLR I owned was a D200 in an Aquatica housing.  My current rig is a Nikon D300s, Aquatica housing and dual Inon strobes. I also have appropriate equipment to  photograph birds, landscapes and portraits.

My photographs have won contests, been exhibited at the Smithsonian institute and published in National Geographic magazine.
My web:
Flikr page:

Mark Ormesher

Mark Ormesher is a British professional cave and cavern film maker, a career choice after completing a photo-journalism course in London back in 2006. A certified instructor and with a dive career spanning more than thirteen years, he moved to Mexico in 2009 to complete his IANTD cave course and has been filming professionally in the area's cave and cenote systems ever since.

Filming on Canon full frame HDSLR with Aquatica housing he has been pushing the boundaries of under water video in this challenging environment. Mark currently lives in Mexico with his wife Michelle.


Chris Doyal

Chris began diving in 2000 after snorkeling in Belize while on a fly fishing trip. His 20+ years as a commercial photographer made the transition to underwater photography inevitable. Since traveling to exotic destinations isn’t always possible, he has become well known as an underwater archaeology photographer while working on projects in the Great Lakes and Greece.

A passionate amateur, Chris’ work has appeared in publications including Scuba Diving, PADI Sport Diver, DIVE, Asian Diver, the Chicago Tribune, as well as several others and is on display at the Chicago Field Museum and UNESCO’s world headquarters. He’s won top prizes in several contests such as Asian Diver’s Ocean Odyssey Photo Shootout and Antiquity Journal’s Archaeology Photograph of the Year.
Chris and his wife, Julie, live in northern Michigan where he is president of the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve. When they aren’t diving, or trying to locate new shipwrecks, they enjoy the great beauty of the outdoors with their black lab, Cooper. His work can be seen at

Marco Pennbrant

Marco Pennbrant is a Swedish UW-photographer based in Gothenburg, born in 1971 and introduced to SCUBA-diving in 1989.  After many years of diving he felt that he needed to bring his diving up to another level and UW-photography became his specialty.  He enjoys capturing the amazing diversity of the marine environment and creating memorable underwater portraits of the open ocean.

Working in dark, cold water with poor visibility is a challenge Marco enjoys, and every successful pictures created in the harsh environment is a huge satisfaction to him. Nowadays, he will never go under the surface without bringing along his Aquatica housing for the Canon 5D and every minutes spend under is that much more apreciated.

For more information and photo galleries showcasing Marco’s work, please visit

Liz Rogers

Liz Rogers is an Australian cave diver, and enjoys the challenges that underwater photography on a technical dive provides. While lugging heavy kit through dry cave areas to reach the dive site may not be the highlight of the trip, Liz loves the unique photos possible in the crystal clear waters beyond the daylight zone. Liz's underwater cave images capture beautiful caves and committed underwater models with equipment that can be relied upon to get the shot. Her Aquatica housing has proved itself in the unforgiving cave environment, keeping the Canon 5DII safe and dry.

When not cave diving, Liz also enjoys the temperate ocean reef and wreck diving around her home town of Melbourne, and the odd trip to the tropics to visit turtles. You can see Liz's photographs at

Jean-Marc Blache

Jean-Marc Blache vit dans les Alpes françaises entre les lacs du Bourget, d’Annecy du Léman et de la mer méditerranée.

Photographe professionnel depuis 1985, il se spécialise dans l’image industrielle, le portrait et la gastronomie. Depuis 2000, il associe sa passion pour la plongée aux mélanges en recycleur avec la photographie d’épaves profondes. Les images d’un avion allemand Focke Wulf 58C qu’il découvre en 2004 par 112 mètres de fond dans le lac du Bourget en France, lui ont valu de nombreuses parutions en Europe.
Initialement équipé pour les images subaquatiques d’un Nikon F90, il utilise aujourd’hui les mêmes boitiers numériques pour son travail quotidien que pour les images sous-marines : les Canon 5D et 5D Mark II équipés de zoom et protégés par un caisson Aquatica.

Email :
Sites web : /

Nigel Motyer

Nigel Motyer began diving in the early 80's and first picked up a camera shortly after that in 1987. Since then its his passion for the challange of underwater photography that has kept up his interest in diving. 

Nigel's photography has been widely published around the world including Subsea, Diver, Sport Diver, Dive as well as National Geographic Magazine. Nigel has travelled widely to great many destinations over the last twenty five years but most recently he has focused on great shark destinations. Sharks have always been his passion despite being bitten by a rather over curious silky shark in the Pacific in 1995. 
Nigel lives in Malahide, Co Dublin, Ireland with his wife Sinead and their two children Hannah & Ben.

You can see Nigel’s work at

Damien Siviero

Damien Siviero is a Sydney based diver and photographer, with a passion for underwater exploration and adventure. He has over 17 years diving experience and has explored some of the world’s best and most remote locations. Damien is an avid and accomplished technical wreck and cave diver, however is just as happy shooting pretty fish on a tropical reef; his photography matches his passion and is a blend of the two worlds.

Although he started working in the dive industry in the mid 90’s, Damien now works and as an information technology Enterprise Architect for one of Australia’s leading financial services companies. Damien applies his background in technology to both diving and photography in order get the most out of his time underwater. Adapting to advances in DSLR technology has seen him expand into underwater videography and has already begun shooting high definition footage of wreck and cave expeditions. Of most acclaim is his discovery footage of the MV Fairwind project, which has subsequently been broadcast on Australian and International television.
With over 15 years experience in underwater photography, Damien’s still imagery speaks for itself. Not only content with documentary style images, Damien strives to produce images that capture the beauty and awe of the subjects he shoots. Many of Damien’s award winning still images have been published in various print and digital media.

The use of closed-circuit rebreather technology allows Damien to push the traditional limits of scuba diving, whether diving deep on a wreck or for hours on shallower reefs. A bubble-less diving experience also lets him interact closely with timid wildlife and ensure careless bubbles don’t adverse effect images. You can see more of Damien Siviero works at

Jill Heinerth

A pioneering underwater explorer and film maker, Jill Heinerth has dived deeper into caves than any woman in history. With a collection of magnificent images, from Antarctic iceberg caves to the Floridan Aquifer and subterranean Siberia, Jill shares a glimpse of a breathtaking world few will experience.

Her accolades include induction to the Women Diver's Hall of Fame and the Explorers Club as well as scores of photography and filmmaking awards. Recognized as a leading technical diver, she is one of the worlds experts on rebreather technology. An engaging speaker, Jills multimedia presentations stir audiences with lifes lessons learned during expeditions above, below and inside the earth.

Web site:

Mick Eidam

Mick was born and based in Australia and now lives on the west coast in Perth. His life has always revolved around the water and free diving but did not take up scuba until he turned 30, after a friend convinced him in 1989 that there was more to explore with a cylinder on his back. He has been diving and taking underwater photographs in and around the area since that day and spends a lot of time in the south west of the state with its diverse marine life and dive environments.

A Nikonos V with several lenses were the tools of choice until late 2004 when Mick was dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age. His obvious path was to a digital SLR housed system. He now shoots a combination of 40D and 50D in an Aquatica housing with a selection of wide and macro lenses.

Although Mick started diving without a camera he can't imagine diving without one now and even though he has been shooting for many years, he feels a long way from mastering it -but that’s what its all about.

Web site:

Sylvain Girardot

Sylvain Girardot est originaire de France mais vit depuis 1998 en Polynésie Française.

C’est lorsqu’il vivait sur l’atoll de Rangiroa qu’il fut pris de passion pour la photographie sous-marine. D’abord équipé d’un Nikon F90, il passa par différents boîtiers numériques pour actuellement utiliser un Nikon D700 dans un caisson Aquatica.

Par ses photographies, Sylvain cherche à se positionner comme un observateur des merveilles de la nature et a été récemment récompensé par une palme de bronze au festival mondial de l’image sous-marine 2010 dans la catégorie photo couleur.

Site web:

Nédia Coutinho
Martin Roy

Nédia et Martin sont un couple de photographes qui habitent la Nouvelle-Écosse au Canada depuis près de 3 ans. Avec leurs formations techniques en photographie et vidéographie ils allient leurs deux passions: plongée et découvertes sous-marines par l’image.

Martin a débuté avec le caisson Aquatica pour son F90x et est passé au numérique avec le caisson D90 ainsi que le D3. Nédia quant a elle reste fidèle a son D70s et utilise aussi le caisson D3 ainsi que le caisson vidéo HD Wave.

Plongeant tout aussi bien en eaux froides qu’en eaux chaudes ils ont un intérêt particulier pour les paysages sous-marins, la faune et flores ainsi que des mises en scène dans des milieux contrôlés.

Leur site et portfolio:

Stewart Sy

Stewart Sy was born in the Philippines and as a young adult, moved to the beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada. Even though Stewart grew up going to and snorkelling the warm tropical waters of the Philippines, it wasn’t till he moved to Canada did he get bitten by the diving bug and took his open water course in the chilly waters of the Emerald Sea. It was not long after that Stewart then thought of sharing the wonders of the underwater world to his non-diving friends and family...and an obsession was born!

Stewart has been shooting housed SLRs (beginning with film) in 1990 and made the move to digital in 2003. Since 1999, Stewart has been leading groups of divers and Underwater photographers on escorted dive trips to his native Philippines to explore “this most often ignored and under estimated Diving Paradise”. Stewart joined the Aquatica family in 2009 when he replaced his previous aluminum housing for the Canon 10D/5D for the Aquatica 7D housing.

Stewart formed SLS Photography Ltd. in 2003 and became an Aquatica Dealer in 2010. He can be contacted at: SLS Photography Ltd.,, 604-618-3421

Laura Bombier

Ranked among the country's finest photographers with over 20 years in the photographic industry, her freelance assignments are extensive, from underwater stills and video, to corporate, editorial, fashion shoots, portraits and more. Whether she's slogging through the jungles of Papua New Guinea or flanked by models in the streets of Toronto, Laura Bombier knows what it takes to capture that critical moment.

Never ceasing to challenge herself in new ways, she divides her time between Muskoka and Toronto, creating unique work opportunities and creative spaces that allow her art to evolve and grow. Selecting her photos for publication in the likes of Canadian Geographic Magazine, Mens Journal, Canadian Living, UP! and Today's Parent Magazine, Laura can add Official Stills Photographer for survival expert and Canadian icon Les Stroud to her growing list of experience and international photographic awards.

Whether Laura is "harnessing the power of the camera to achieve social goals" with contributions to PhotoSensitive, one of the numerous charities she works with, or attending coveted social events such as dinner with the Queen of England during her 2010 Royal Tour, Laura's professionalism and passion for the human spirit is re-told with every creative project she undertakes.
For more info: or

Antti Apunen
Janne Suhonen

Antti and Janne have dived together more than 10 years. They have documented deep caves, mines and wrecks around the world. Janne is a photographer known for his unique style. The underwater pictures and videos capture underground scenery with an exceptional technique, which allows Janne to photograph huge underwater spaces, even in completely dark environments as caves and mines. His pictures have been published in many magazines, books and exhibitions.

Antti is an author who writes articles, books and scripts for documentaries. He works together with Janne, participating in planning the expeditions and supporting Janne's photography with stories and documentation. Janne's and Antti's best know work is the book Divers of the Dark. It is a story with previously unseen pictures from underneath the city of Budapest.

Divers of the Dark is a unique journey into a world that only a handful of people have visited. The magnificent photos take the reader on an adventure into the depths of an inactive volcano. The caves are a prehistoric nature park that has been formed over millions of years. Divers of the Dark tells stories of journeys of many kilometres under the ground, of near miss situations and incredible human achievement. It will give the reader a whole new view of the life and surroundings of Budapest. The book also takes the reader to the József-hegy dry cave in Budapest and the water filled Ojamo lime mine in Finland. Antti and Janne are currently working on a documentary about the Second World War evacuation of Hanko, during which many Soviet ships met their fate in Finnish coastal artillery bombing and the minefields.

Thousands of men lose their lives in the dark waves of the Baltic Sea. Team has found many of the evacuation of Hanko shipwrecks. Dives to them have already changed the way history is written. The wrecks will tell their sad and true story in a documentary coming in 2012. Antti and Janne are also preparing documentary about the spectacular natural caves and expedition diving in southern France.

More information, pictures and videos about the on-going projects are available at &

Nuno Sá

Nuno Sá was born in Montreal, Canada in 1977. When he was eleven years old he returned with his family to Portugal. His contact with the underwater world only begins in 1997, with his first diving certification.He ended his Law degree in one of Portugal’s top universities in 2001. One year latter he moved to the islands of the Azores to pursue his dream of living a life in contact with the Sea.

A professional photographer since 2004, Nuno Sá is specialized marine life photography. He is the author of five books and several dozens of articles published on National and International magazines. He is the co-author of the “Azores Diving Guide” – Portugal’s first published diving guide and “Madeira Diving Guide”, and a regular collaborator of several magazines, such as National Geographic Portugal.

Nuno Sá was the first Portuguese wildlife photographer nominated in some of the world’s major nature photography competitions, such as: Wildlife photographer of the year, Asferico International Nature Photography Competition, Natures Best - Oceans Views amongst others. He is today considered Portugal’s most awarded wildlife photographer. Member of the International Environment Photographers Association (IEPA), he is regularly invited to be part of the Jury in many wildlife photography competitions. His images have been widely used to promote the Islands of the Azores in magazines, expositions, billboards, tourism fairs etc.

Nuno Sá is on the Wild Wonders of Europe’s team of top European nature photographers, this is the world biggest ever nature photography project with an expected public of over 100 million people, a project supported by the National Geographic Society.


Joseph C. Dovala

Joseph C. Dovala started blowing bubbles in 1967, at the age of ten, when his father rented a two-hose regulator and tank from a gas station/diveshop in the small town of Yucaipa, CA. The influence of Sea Hunt's Mike Nelson and The Silent World of Jacques Cousteau were just too much to ignore. Over the years he's been involved with many types of diving, including instruction, research, and technical sport diving. Somewhere along the line the idea of taking expensive cameras and immersing them in saltwater seemed like a good idea. He's been professionally making images and writing since 1999.

Bruce Yates

Although his father and brother were/are artists (painters), Bruce Yates didn’t find his artistic outlet until he was in his 40s and undertook underwater photography. Unlike many photogaphers, who begin topside and then take their skills underwater, he took up diving first, and learned underwater photography before attempting any serious topside photography. He still does the vast majority of his photography underwater, currently using a Canon 5D Mark II.

Bruce has never attempted to make money with his photography. Instead, he uses photos to raise money for charity. Currently, all profits from his photography go to the International Children’s Surgical Foundation, a low-overhead organization that puts together volunteer medical missions to lesser-developed nations to correct facial deformities in children. They help children just like the ones divers often see in their travels…except that these children face life as outcasts. ICSF literally gives them a shot at normal lives. Bruce’s photography has thus far raised over US$20,000 for ICSF.

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ICSF: | 208-375-8132

Quote regarding Aquatica products:
"I consider Aquatica’s products the very definition of value. Neither the most nor least expensive available, their gear offers the underwater photographer the ergonomics and reliability he/she requires—at a price that is reasonable and fair. Their products are dependable enough for pros, but at prices within the reach of serious amateurs as well."

Andrew S. Malbin

Andrew S. Malbin, MD is a board certified emergency medicine physician who resides in Tampa, Florida. He practiced emergency medicine full time in the Tampa area from 1980 - 1999. He now works part-time as a fixed-wing air ambulance medical director and flight physician as well as doing part-time consulting work.

Dr. Malbin began taking underwater photographs in the early 1980's. What began as a hobby has evolved into a true passion. Dr. Malbin has shot underwater photographs in a variety of locales around the globe including Hawaii, Australia, French Polynesia, Indonesia, Turks and Caicos, the Cayman Islands, Dominica, and Micronesia to name a few. Currently he is shooting digital images with his trusty Nikon D300 and Aquatica AD300 housing by his side. He continues to look forward to the new underwater photo opportunities that await him around the world.

To order a print or view more pictures from Dr. Malbin's underwater adventures, visit his website at

Jeff Toorish

Jeff Toorish is an award winning journalist and documentary photographer. His work has appeared in publicants such as the Boston Herald, Advanced Diver Magazine, the NACD Journal, Northeast Diver Magazine and others. He has recently completed work on a documentary book about the Shaker Religion at Sabbath Day Lake, Maine entitled Chosen Faith, Chosen Land, which has risen to the top of its category on

Photography is exploration to Toorish, who is a member of the World Exploration Team for Advanced Diver Magazine, as well as ADM's chief photojournalist. As an explorer, Toorish is also the president of the ADM Exploration Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to funding remote exploration expeditions.

Toorish is often sought out as a photo expert by various orgainzations, and he writes a column for the Club Med website, that focues on scuba diving and photography. While much of Toorish's work is on land, featuring dramatic, haunting landscapes, he is well known for his darmatic underwater photographs. Many of his photographic work has taken place in exotic locations, often in places where no human being has been before.

As a video producer, Toorish has won awards from many prestigious organizations for his work. He is corrently producing several documentary movie projects, including a diving documentary focusing on early pioneer divers. Most recently he has begun to combine underwater still photography with video work.

Jeff lives in Maine, where he is actively involved in various exploration projects.
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Jean-Philippe Borges

Né dans le sud de la France, au pays du cassoulet et du rugby, ce n'est qu'à l'Université de Toulouse que Jean-Philippe Borges s'initie à la plongée sous-marine. Alors qu'il était jusqu'alors plus attiré par les sports aériens (parapente) et la montagne (randonnées, canyoning), il se découvre une véritable passion pour le monde sous-marin et la photographie subaquatique.

Terminant des études de biochimie, il s'intéresse tout d'abord à la biologie marine et en vient tout naturellement à mettre son appareil-photo sous l'eau afin d'illustrer ses conférences. Equipé de boîtiers reflex (Nikon D200 et Fuji S2 Pro), il utilise des caissons Aquatica depuis ses débuts en reflex. Devenu PADI Divemaster et Digital UW photo Instructor, il s'intéresse de plus en plus à l'initiation des plongeurs à la photo sous-marine et organise des séminaires/séjours dans l'archipel espagnol des Canaries.

Actuellement chercheur en biologie/santé, il ne manque jamais une occasion d'aller tremper ses palmes et ses caissons photo dans toutes les mers du Monde.Jean Philippe Borges est aussi bien connu comme rédacteur (Jean-Phi) du très populaire forum de photographie sous-marine Le p'tit forum de la photosub

Son site et portfolio: Si certaines images vous intéressent, n'hésitez pas.

Ryan Pedlow

Ryan started his diving career in Brisbane, Australia, managing and marketing within the dive industry whilst at university. Wanting to show off to friends, family and customers what could be found under the oceans, underwater photography quickly became a passion. After working in an office for a few years following graduating with a B.Bus, he soon realised that it wasn't the life for him, and once again swapped his business suit for a wetsuit.

Now based in Cairns, Australia, working as a photographer, Ryan finds himself in the water shooting several times a week, giving him ample opportunities to hone his photographic skills and put his gear to the test. Due to this, Ryan demands the best from his equipment and that it holds up against the rigour of spending hours in the ocean, day in and day out.

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Amar and
Isabelle Guillen

Amar and Isabelle Guillen are French profesional photographers who currently live in Dallas, Texas. Their photos have been distributed to various agencies. They have also written a number of well-known articles about underwater digital photography and scuba diving, which have been published in numerous French and american magazines.

In September of 2004 they wrote their first book dedicated to underwater photography which was published by Eyrolles Editions in Europe. Their second work will be available later in 2005. They are currently diving monitors for PADI, CMAS, TDI and DAN where they also teach underwater digital photography.

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Kike Calvo

Born in Spain, Kike is an award-winning photographer and bilingual journalist, extensively published, specializing in environmental, cultural and marine documentary. Kike's clients and collaborations include ABC News, Associated Press, American Museum of Natural History, Animal Planet, AOL, Audubon Society, Bravo, CBS, Chicago Tribune, CNN, Coca-Cola, GEF, Disney, El Mundo, ESPN, Frommers, Fox Broadcast Network, Good Morning America, In Touch, Instituto Cervantes, Leica, Monterrey Bay Aquarium, MSN, MSNBC, Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, National Geographic Image Collection, National Geographic Viajes, Natural History Mag., NASA, NBC News, Newsday, New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Magazine, New York Post, Nikkei Inc., Price Waterhouse Coopers, Rolling Stone Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Seattle Times, Sesame Street, Time, TVE, UNDP, UNICEF, UN Water, United Nations, USA Today, Vanity Fair, Virgin Media, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, WWF and Zuma Press, among others.
Author of several books with a strong connection to the world water issues, including:

Water and Future a commissioned book to commemorate the 2008 International Water Expo in Zaragoza (Spain), as the official publication for the Government.

Habitats a compilation of Kike's work around the world, offering an insight into the beauty, drama and diversity of nature, with forewords by David Doubilet and Jean Michel Cousteu.

Las Aventuras de Kikeo Kike's own children character series, a Philanthropic initiative to promote the United Nations Water messages for achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
At 38 years old, with degrees in Economics and Journalism, combined with 20 years of experience as a photographer, make him a favorite educator with the younger generations. His unique inspiring workshops and seminars, made Coca Cola to select him in 2008 as a guest speaker at Forum Istanbul, sharing his field experiences with political representatives and CEOs from major companies around the world.
Kike is the Director and co-founder of the agency, and has recently joined the National Geographic Image Collection.

More about Kike:
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Scott Johnson

Scott is a photojournalist who specializes in marine, wildlife, travel and environmental subjects. His work is featured in a variety of magazines, calendars, galleries and advertisements from North America to Asia.
He also serves as a Field Editor for Asian Geographic publishing, which includes Scuba Diver AustralAsia.

Currently based out of North America, Scott utilizes photography and writing to creatively share his experiences with others, to support conservation/wildlife issues and to build a very personal legacy for his children.

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Michael Patrick

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Michael has been an avid conservationist since childhood. Fishing trips to the Amazon and abroad during his formative years whetted his appetite for exploration. At 18, he moved to the US to attend Lehigh University and to begin his career in advertising, consulting and financial services. In 1991, he relocated to South Florida. With the Gulf Stream at his doorstep, he began photographing the area's rich marine life while pursuing a corporate career and obtaining his MBA from the University of Miami.

For the past 18 years, he has traveled extensively as a photographer and writer, concentrating primarily on sea life and environmental issues. His work, widely published, aims to educate and to communicate to others the beauty, diversity and fragility of the oceans - and the urgent need to protect them. Michael works with photo agents in New York and London, and his photography is licensed worldwide to many publishers in a variety of mediums.

To learn more about Micheal's books, please visit: To see more of Micheal's photography, please visit