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June 2017

Announcing the AE-M1 MKII housing

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Aquatica is happy to announce the AE-M1MKII housing for Olympus OM-D E-M1 MKII.

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March 2017
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Announcing the A6500 housing

We are happy to announce that our housing for the Sony a6500 will start shipping April 1, 2017.

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January 2017
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Aquatica housing for the Olympus E-M1 Mark II

Our housing for the E-M1 MKII camera will soon be available.
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December 2016

Happy Holidays from Aquatica

We take this opportunity to wish you and your families Happy holidays and a properous and healthy 2017!

Please note that our offices will be closed starting December 26, 2016 and we will be back on January 4, 2017.Some of our manufaturing employees will be here to advance in parts. Stay safe!

A1DX MKII Price Drop

Lower pricing starting at $3,995.00 USD retail, including the complete surveyor kit with valve and pump!

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November 2016

Announcing the A5DMK IV

With very low R&D cost, we are pleased to announce a retail price of $2,795.00 USD. This will be by far the best aluminum housing option on the market.

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September 2016
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Jean-Charles Granjon with his trusty A7RII housing and French free diving champion Morgan Bourc'his as they film for Tudor Pelagos Swiss Watch in the Canary Islands. All of it was shot with the Aquatica A7RII housing and the Canon 16-35mm zoom with metabones adapter. Watch a clip below:

If you like this, and we are sure you will, you can see more of his work on his website,

August 2016
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Aquatica is happy to announce the new A6300 housing for the Sony alpha a6300.

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June 2016
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Aquatica is proud to announce the new AD500 housing for the long awaited and impressive Nikon D500. Please read on for a more detailed look at this housing.

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It is with great pleasure that Aquatica is introducing the Aquatica ACU which stands for Aquatica Close Up System. The ACU consolidates all close-up related component into a comprehensive macro photography system that can be tailored to your specic needs

For a complete description:

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April 2016
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Megapixel Monsters, comparing the Canon 5Dsr to the Sony A7Rmk2 for UW Photography!

Stewart Sy from SLS Photography, and one very talented photographer, has just completed an awesome dive trip in the Philippines, were he had the opportunity of diving with two of the most sought after cameras system for underwater photography on the market today in, using you guessed it, a pair of Aquatica housings and ports for them.

Aside from the stunning images he has brought back from this trip, he also offer plenty of useful insight into both camera systems, well worth reading, especially if you are looking at upgrading or getting a new system.


Tim Rock, a long standing member of the Aquatica family and Simon Pridmore have released a new guide book on Raja Ampat, Diving & Snorkeling Guide to Raja Ampat & Northeast Indonesia. The book features more than 100 diving and snorkeling sites throughout the region, 240 color images, travel advice and Indonesian diving terms. The latest release is volume 5.

Diving or snorkeling in Raja Ampat, or anywhere else in Northeast Indonesia, is a life affirming, bucket-list-topping experience! This region at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, abundantly rich in marine life, is proving to be a gift for divers that keeps on giving. Raja Ampat is the superstar destination, but other areas such as Cenderawasih Bay, Triton Bay and Southwest Halmahera are shining brightly too and acquiring similarly mythical status.

The book is available for purchase here.


March 2016


Check this beautiful short documentary, filmed by Aquatica gallery member Nathalie Lasselin, called One Big Breath. It is on Philippe Beauchamp, a former Champion freediver, and his relation with shark. Beautiful images and a beautiful message.

February 2016

Fabrice Guérin & Damien Mauric, both accomplished underwater photographer using our Aquatica housings have just returned from Norway with epic images: Fabrice with a gorgeous image of a humpback whale ploughing through a school of herrings, and Damien with an outstanding and moody picture of a family of Orcas crossing path with a humpback whale and its calf. To read their stories follow this link for Fabrice and this one for Damien.

These two images are a testament of perseverance, preparedness and of a thorough knowledge of one’s imaging equipment, so when luck does comes into play, things fall into place smoothly and without hesitation. Aquatica is proud to have these two individuals in its family of underwater imagers, it is also, given the dire condition encountered, a great testimonial to the ergonomics and robustness of our underwater housings. 

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Review of the Sony a7R II in Aquatica Housing

Joe Platko, from Monterey tested our A7r II housing and the Sony a7R II camera for Digital Photo Guide (aka DPG), his insights and conclusion are worth reading about, the camera and housing where supplied by our local Monterey underwater photography specialist and Aquatica dealer, Backscatter.

Read the review »

January 2016

Kelli Dickinson of Bluewater Photo just sent us this awesome review she posted of our brand new A7RII housing for the sony A7RII. One of the great things on this housing is how many buttons are customizable and she does a great job of going in to detail about that. Check it out!



Our man on the go, Jean Bruneau, just returned from the Paris dive show where he gave Photo Denfert, which is one of Aquatica preferred dealers in Europe, a helping hand for the show duration. As is always the case at this Paris event, it was packed solid with people, and the ambiance was great as is expected from such an enthusiastic group of divers.

It’s always a great opportunity to feel the pulse of underwater photography, and catch up with some of France top shooters, it also became clear that the Sony A7r II and its Aquatica housing will be the housing in demand this year. So the show is already over, and Aquatica is already looking at the calendar for next year’s edition of the event!

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Thibault Depardon, an accomplished underwater photographer from France just sent us those beautiful images of his buddy divers from the GUE project taken in the Cabouy cave system  located in France, to see more of his work, follow him on Instagram.

Aquatica has become the favourite underwater imaging system of hard core technical and cave divers across this blue planet, mainly because the ruggedness of their housing is legendary and their ergonomics which are easily accessible and straightforward, these being key features when dressed in a full dry suit with cold water gloves.


December 2015


Larry Cohen sent us some beautiful images of seals frolicking in the water of La Paz, taken with is Aquatica housing for the Micro 4/3 Olympus camera. The Micro 4/3 format is the real deal, with an outstanding choices of optics, a compact size, that is ideal for travelling, and affordable price range, this line of camera housings makes it definitely a popular choice for travelling. This underwater housing kit may be small, but the images are big on quality!

To visit Larry's website, click here.

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Groundbreaking Long HD Video Recording

Eiko Jones, a creative wildlife photographer, has pushed the boundary of recording time with our Aquatica AD800 housing, upward of 10 hours!!!

Check out his blog for a description of how he managed this feat.


November 2015


Dan Bolt, an accomplished underwater photographer based in the UK, sent us a field report of the Aquatica AE-M1 housing Micro 4/3 Olympus system that he did for the Underwater Photography magazine Issue # 85. To see the report click here.

To know more about the Aquatica AE-M1 housing and other Mirrorless housing, click here.



The new Aquatica A7r II housing, introduced at the 2015 DEMA show in Orlando is now in production, dedicated to the Sony a7R II & a7S II cameras, this marvel of engineering offers the most comprehensive set of controls of any housings on the market. Supported by a comprehensive system of ports and accessories, made of sturdy corrosion resistant aluminum, anodized and powder coated for added protection, the Aquatica A7r II housing is by far the best choice for your underwater imaging needs.

To find out more, click here.

October 2015


Good news for professional Canon users! Aquatica has an inventory surplus of A1Dcx housings for the Canon 1Dc and 1Dx.

Not only is the new price reduced from $ 4,599 USD to an appealing $ 3,599 USD, but the housing comes equipped with the Surveyor vacuum monitoring system, a $ 349 USD value, and a onetime free factory maintenance service on the housing, a value of $ 375 USD.

Contact you preferred Aquatica dealer or email for availability. Please note that this offer is valid while supplies last. For more info on the A1Dcx housing, click here.

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Things are starting to take shape. The A7r II housing is ready for assembly of its controls, as is the case with all Aquatica housings being assembled. Fitting will be done one housing at a time, using a Sony a7R II camera and lenses for this purpose.


Aquatica is operating at full steam on the A7r II housing project. Here is a peak of the machining steps involved, prototype housings are already back from the paint shop, ready to be labelled and assembled, then it’s ready to hit the water for some field testing.

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September 2015

Long-time Bonaire Visitor, Alan Zale, Places Again With His Bonaire Photography

Long-time Aquatica user and Bonaire visitor, Alan Zale, is making the Bonaire Insider Newspaper headline with his shot of a Spotted Cleaner Shrimp. The photo was shot with a Nikon D200 and Nikkor 105mm lens in an Aquatica AD200 underwater housing, lighting was from a pair of venerable Nikonos SB-105 strobes.

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Congratulation to Gilad Kavalerchik for is award winning shot in the sport photography category of the FIPCOM (Fujaïrah International Photojournalism Competition). The photograph was taken using a Aquatica A5D Mk III during a triathlon competition in Eilat (city) Israel in the Red Sea while free diving.

To learn more about the contest, please visit FIPCOM.

To see more of Gild’s work, please visit his website.

Update on the upcoming Aquatica A7R II housing for the Sony A7r II

Our engineering team is hard at work designing a new housing for this incredible mirrorless camera, which features a 42mp full frame CMOS revolutionary sensor & 4K 30p video capability.

This camera takes advantage of broadened lens selection, and this Aquatica housing was designed, from the onset, to use our larger DSLR ports selection. Why? For one, smaller bayonet opening are notorious in restricting the range of useful lenses that can be used. This camera has an extremely high performance 7952 x 5304 resolution sensor, and it can access a large selection of professional grade optics, including extremely wide angle lenses, some being fairly large in size, from various manufacturers.

So in order to extract the maximum optical performance of this combination, the use of wide radius hemispherical dome port is mandatory, our Aquatica DSLR ports selection is well established and is recognized by professional around the world for their optical performances. They are designed for extracting the maximum performances of full frame lenses, such as those used with today’s high resolution digital cameras.

Check our Facebook page or website news sections for updates on the progress of this trendsetter housing or contact to be added to the mailing list.

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July 2015

Jill Heinerth

Jill Heinerth, one of our favorite underwater photographer and extensive user of our Aquatica housings, just finished a stint in Newfoundland, shooting and diving Icebergs, world war two wreck sunk by Nazi U-Boat, and among other things, a feature for television on Bell’s island submerged iron ore mine. She is now on assignment in Scotland and we can’t wait to get our eyes on what she has been up to over there.

To see more of Jill’s work, check our Aquatica shooter gallery and her website.

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Here are a few shots from the latest batch of TLC Delta 3 knob and clamps, just fresh off the machine and ready for the next step, finally we can catch up to the backlog of orders on these popular Delta 3 clamps!

To learn more, click here.

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May 2015

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Aquatica housing for the Canon 5Ds, 5Dsr & 5D Mk III is being introduced!

The Aquatica Team is proud to introduce to you the new Aquatica A5Dsr housing for the upcoming Canon 5Ds, 5Dsr and the existing 5D Mk III. Scheduled for shipping around July 1st.

Please read the Press Release for more information.

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AD7100 and the Nikon D7200

Aquatica is pleased to confirm that the existing AD7100 housing will accept the Nikon D7200 camera without any modification whatsoever, furthermore, given that the existing design is still one of the lightest, and that it has all the functionality, including access to the Fn button, a feature initially introduced in 2012 by Aquatica on its housings for Nikon camera, for a look at the full press release click here.

Please read the Press Release for more information.

January 2015

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Stewart Sy of SLS Photo will be attending the annual Diver Weekends at the Vancouver Aquarium on January 17 and 18th.
To learn more about the event, click here.
December 2014
Exciting collaboration between Aquatica and Ikelite
Ikelite and Aquatica, two of the longest established housing manufacturers in the world and both proudly based in North America, share a long-term mutual respect and reputation for manufacturing high-quality underwater photographic equipment. It is with great pleasure that we announce that Ikelite and Aquatica will be partnering to make Ikelite’s signature internal TTL circuitry available in Aquatica’s distinguished line of housings.

Please read the Press Release for more information.
October 2014

Nathalie Lasselin, a long time Aquatica and Amphibico users, is a professional director of photography and underwater camera operator for feature films, music video and various film production. Having learn her craft at the NFB (National Film Board of Canada) she has produced and directed documentaries who won numerous awards all over the world. She shares her love and curiosity through films, articles, conferences and training. She is also a technical and full cave diving instructor.

Here is a write up on the aquatica AE-M1 4/3 Micro series housing for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and some images shot with it in Iceland:

"I’ve been passionate about the secrets and treasure under the surface. One of the most important nowadays is the ground water.  With Aqua Sub terra, we went to Iceland where we had a chance not only to dive in the clearest water but to drink  one of the purest water in the world, this water from the glacier is filtered through the rocks for decades before flowing between the world known as the Silfra fissure between the continents. I used the Olympus OM-D E-M1 mirrorless camera and the Aquatica Ae-M1 housing for the first time, I am always looking to travel light and efficient to be able to go through small passages. Being used to professional and big cameras, It was a tricky choice, but once you learn how the camera and lenses react, then you’re in business."

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September 2014

3,000 dives and still going strong, Scott Mudd’s Aquatica AD700 housing just rolled in for its annual checkup, a certified diver since 1987 and a dive instructor since 1995, Scott, after rolling off boats all over the world, is now a resident of the beautiful Big Island of Kona in Hawaii.

His Aquatica AD700 underwater housing has been immersed almost every day since he acquired it, and is a true testament to the ruggedness and reliability of our housings, with basic regular maintenance and a proper rinse after each dive, you can expect years of faithful service from them, even when submitted to the daily grind of thousands of hours in the harshness of the sea.

Scott had this to say about why he chose an Aquatica housing for his work; “I truly appreciate the Aquatica housings for their sturdiness and ergonomic design, and they are easy to carry and use underwater, thus increasing the odds of my getting the shot I want.”

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July 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Aquatica AGH4 Preview:  4K cinematic for the consumers!

Buckle up, the future is here. Panasonic GH4 brings cinematic 4k video performance to your door step, with its Micro 4/3 lens mount, this camera benefits from a very large selection of lenses. In fact, an astounding array of lenses from Panasonic, Leica and Olympus, just to name a few, are offered in this lens mount. Add the fact that is has 4x times the resolution of HD, one can easily understand why the GH4 will stand out head and shoulder above its competitors. Video shot on Ultra HD 4K is razor sharp and needs to be experienced firsthand to be believed!

Recording video in Ultra HD at resolution of 3840 x 2160 in 30p/24p or 4096 x 2160 in 24p, compared to standard HD which is 1920 x 1080p, the 4k quadruples the standard HD resolution. It is also the only one in its league to record 4K 30p directly to a SD card, this is big news, since there will be no need for a bulky external drive!

To read the Press Release and to learn more, click here.
Version française disponible ici.

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Jack Connick, and the folks at Optical Ocean Sales, located in Seattle, took our new Aquatica AE-M1 housing for an impromptu test drive aboard a live cruise in the Sea of Cortez. This housing is designed for the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Micro 4/3 camera and features a host of innovations in the housing design. Lightweight and quick to setup, the layout of the AE-M1 controls decisively makes it very easy to operate this housing underwater.

The field report is posted on their website. From what it looks like, not only did this housing save the day, it also left a lasting impression on the user, as can be read here:

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In today's Gainesville Sun, a story on Gene Page, who not only uses his Aquatica housings extensively underwater, but also on set, as a blimp when shooting stills for The Walking Dead.

Aquatica housings not only prevent water from entering, their primary function after all, but due to their hermetic nature, an Aquatica housing also suppress sound emanating from the camera to such a negligible level, that it makes them perfect for this type of application.

March 2014

A few weeks ago, Michel Braunstein, an accomplished professional underwater photographer, and a long time user of Aquatica, suggested to his friend, the singer Noa (Achinoam Nini) to organize a project of underwater images for her new album "Love Medicine". It turned out to be a great experience and he graciously wanted to share with you the way it happened. See the following behind the scenes clip.

He feel like it was a really great experience to be able to do this with this amazing woman who, even without any experience in scuba diving or free diving, managed to pose so professionally. As usual, behind every great images of this genre, this could not be have been achieved without the amazing and so professional team who worked with him on this project.

If you'd like to, you still have the chance for a few more days, to be part of Noa's new album "Love Medicine" and their photo project. To see more of Michel images, visit is web site

AQUATICA 5d Mk II housing used on a segment on Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet

The head of the production team of the Daily Planet, a television program on Discovery Channel Canada which features daily news, discussion and commentary on the scientific aspects of current events and discoveries, has recently used an Aquatica A5D Mk II housing on a segment for this highly successful televised show. Their first, and very conclusive, production segment can be seen here. Diego A. Garcia, producer of the show, has informed us that his Aquatica housing is likely to have a substantial work schedule in the future, so keep an eye out for future episode showcasing the underwater realm, there is a good chance it will be made with our trustworthy housing!

January 2014

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In collaboration with Samy’s Camera, Aquatica Digital is pleased to announce the release of their A1D-C/X housing, the latest in its fine line of precision crafted aluminum housings. Canon’s flagship 1D C and 1D X cameras are professional imaging tools with equally impressive still and video capabilities.  With customized controls, next generation lens gear system and uncompromised viewing, Aquatica’s new A1D-C/X housing puts the 1D X and 1D C into the hands of photographers shooting in the world’s most demanding underwater environments.

The housing is priced competitively at USD $4,599.95.

Please read the Press Release for more information.

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Aquatica Digital is pleased to announce the release of their AE-M1 housing, the latest in its fine line of precision crafted aluminum housings. This housing will incorporate all of the great features of our current DSLR line of housings, but in a much smaller and compact size.  Our designers and engineers have taken full advantage of our 5-Axis machines and have come up with what we feel is the best engineered and best looking aluminum housing on the market, and with its long tradition of making underwater housings, it also has a depth rating of 300 feet.

The housing is priced competitively at USD $1,699 and will be available in March 2014.

Please read the Press Release for more information.

Aquatica is currently featured in Diving Magazine, an international magazine based in China. The story is about the process of making an Aquatica underwater housing, and it takes the reader on a step by step journey of the whole manufacturing, assembling, testing and quality controls required in getting an Aquatica housing in the hands of an underwater photographer.

Images and text by Jean Bruneau, Technical Adviser for Aquatica, translated by Chloe Song and edited by Xing Hang, this publication was made possible with the invaluable assistance of our Aquatica dealer, ODE Sports Co.

To read the article, click here. For those not familiar with reading Chinese, this article is also available in English on our website at

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Aquatica Dewi Nusantara Expedition

Aquatica is pleased to announce that we have reserved an 11 night charter from March 28th to April 8th, 2015 on board the beautiful Dewi Nusantara ( We will be sailing from Sorong in Raja Ampat to Ambon. This will be a photographers dream, the best of both worlds all in one trip, wide angle and macro. Great wide angle in Raja Ampat and the famous muck diving of Ambon.

We will have demo Aquatica and Amphibico housings available for our guests to try out, as well as our Technical Advisors to assist during this 11 night trip. The final cost of the charter is not yet fully settled but we estimate it to be at around USD $6,000 per person based on 2 people sharing one cabin.

Spaces are limited, only 14! To secure your space or for more information, please email us at

NEW for 2014! Hidden Treasures, Guam's Marine Preserves - Second Edition
by Guam-based author TIM ROCK

More photos and more pages showcasing Guam and it's marine world. Introduction by National Geographic's David Doubilet. Inside this 236-page (20 more pages than the first edition, over 200 new photos) book find more than 440 full color images, maps, descriptions and insights into this special Pacific marine world. The small but scenic island of Guam in Western Micronesia is blessed with one of the world's richest coral reef marine environments. It thrives with more than 1000 fish species and over 400 kinds of hard and soft corals, 1,600 mollusk species and a dozen different marine mammals. 

The betterment of Guam's diverse underwater world has been the thrust behind a series of nature preserves set up around the island in the last decade. What these areas do is allow breeding stocks to prosper to make more fish and allow corals to grow without stress. In a far-sighted move, the island was studied and some small but very important areas were set aside to help replenish the reefs. They encompass small reef areas and bays from north to south. 

They are starting to ensure a resurgence of reef health on this diverse western Pacific gem. This Second Edition is a visual record of the Guam marine preserves by Lonely Planet author and Getty Lonely Planet Images photojournalist Tim Rock, who is a Guam resident. The preserves are now at an important stage in their young development. Enjoy this trip through the preserves. The book also features parks, conservation and historical sites and popular underwater venues found on tropical Guam.

All images in the book were taken using Aquatica housings and Ikelite strobes. This book is now available worldwide through Amazon.

December 2013

Aquatica user Joseph C. Dovola graced the page of Alert Diver this fall with a fine article on Newfoundland diving. Suffice to say that the water was numbingly cold, nothing new for his Aquatica housing, as these workhorses are born and bred in this type of environment. Joe is not only an excellent photographer, but an accomplished writer as well. His published material is always entertaining and this is no exception.

To see more of his work, visit his website at

To read the article, click here.

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Aquatica is a proud sponsor of the Divers’ Weekend at the Vancouver Aquarium. The event, now in its 15th year, will take place on January 18th  & 19th, 2014.

Certified divers receive 50% off admission just by showing their certification card.

Aquatica products will be on display at the SLS Photo stand for the duration of this weekend.

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As Seen in the Daily Mail in the UK

Octavio Aburto, on a recent expedition, was diving some murky Mexican waters when he came face to face with a crocodile. Now we all know that large predatory animals are bound to get your heartbeat rate up, and this was no exception to the rule. When most would see a good reason for scurrying to safety, Octavio, on the other hand, saw the opportunity of a life time and boldly went to work, making the best of this extraordinary situation and consequently, being rewarded by making the headline of the Daily Mail!

This trip, and its many outstanding images, was documented with his Aquatica AD700 and AD7000 housings. The following article tells the story of these incredible encounters and shows off this incredible imagery! Great work Octavio!

Click image to enlarge

Tim Rock, a Pacific based award-winning digital photographer and writer specializing in the ocean realm, has reviewed our Aquatica AD7100 housing for Wetpixel, a web forum dedicated to the advancement of underwater photography. Tim’s extensive experience, in documenting the underwater world for his journalistic work, made him the perfect candidate for field testing this Aquatica housing.

Tim Rock is one of our longest Aquatica Gallery members and most divers will have, at one point or another, come up across his published work in Lonely Planet guide books or diving magazines.

The Nikon D7100 is an improved and technologically updated camera that picks up where the, already impressive, bench marker D7000 from Nikon previously left.

The AD7100 Aquatica housing was designed to take full opportunity of the Nikon D7100 camera. The controls are positioned so has to be intuitive for the user. The attention to details, such as access to the Fn function, as originally initiated by Aquatica, and total control of the camera features, make this housing exceptionally well suited for underwater photography.

Tim, we are happy to report, was delighted with the housing and camera, as can be read in is field testing review.

November 2013


Congratulation to Aquatica users Gavin Ee, Mark Gray, Liz Rogers and Erjin Bao for their placements in the Australian Challenge UNDERWATER FESTIVAL 2013. To see the competition entries, please visit the official website of the photo competition.


Nathalie Lasselin, one the few specialist in underwater imagery in Quebec has, in the 17th edition of the REGARD festival, given us an insider’s look at her trade secrets, learn more about different types of equipments used and their constraints, while discovering the passionate aspect of underwater imagery.

Nathalie Lasselin, l'une des rares spécialistes du tournage sous d'eau au Québec vous dévoile, dans le cadre de la 17e édition du Festival REGARD festival, les secrets du métier. Apprenez en davantage sur les différents types d'équipements et les contraintes ainsi que ce qu'il y a de passionnant avec le tournage aquatique.


Aquatica, the only established manufacturer of aluminum DSLR housings in North America, announced today the release of the A70D housing for the Canon 70D. With over 30 years of experience, the A70D housing has been carefully designed and manufactures with the finest and latest technological innovations.  Aquatica’s deep engineering mastery has yielded once more a finely crafted underwater housing.

The housing is priced competitively at a price point of USD $2,699.00 and will be available January 2014.

Read the Press Release »

October 2013
Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

We just heard that another Aquatica user, the well known underwater Photographer Mike Veitch, did good in the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" competition presented by the Natural History Museum and the BBC Wildlife Magazine. This is the 49th year of these awards and it's well known as the most prestigious event of its kind for nature photography. ere were over 43,000 images entered in a variety of categories, this image, entitled "The Fish Net" won the World in Our Hands category described as: This category explores the increasingly complex relationship between people and the environment by documenting both destructive and constructive influences. Images may be newsworthy, symbolic or graphic, but must always be thought-provoking and engender a greater awareness of how our actions affect the natural world.

The photo was taken in Cenderwasih Bay, Indonesia and shows a young whale shark sucking on a net full of fish. The whale sharks in the area have learned over the years to associate these fishing platforms as an easy source of food because the fishermen mount huge lights at night above the platforms to attract small baitfish which they sell in the local markets. Over the years the whale sharks have learned to come to this platforms to also feed on the small fish and plankton that are attracted to the lights at night.  Fortunately, the fishermen are not bothered by the presence of the whale sharks and consider them as good luck and have a relationship with the local population of whale sharks. However, as this is not considered normal behaviour by whale sharks, we are not sure what this means to the whale sharks themselves, how much is the access to an easy meal affecting their migration patterns and normal feeding behaviour?

Shot with Nikon D90, Aquatica Housing, Tokina 10-17mm lens at 14mm, no strobes, f7.1, 1/80, ISO 200.

Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

Congratulations to Luis Javier Sandoval for winning the 2013: Behaviour: Cold-Blooded Animals division of the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year competition organized by the Natural History Museum.

To learn more, click here.

Canada Winner of the "Coup de Coeur du Jury 2013”

Bassem’s Sea World, 1er Challenge International de Monaco 2013 (1st International Competition of Underwater Photography): Bassem Jamour represented Canada and the FQAS (Fédération Québécoise des Activités Subaquatiques) in this international event that gathered the champions of various countries.

September 2013

Stewart L. Sy was recently featured as the UW Photographer of the Month on Dive News Network. They’re the folks who put on the Tacoma Dive Show. The article give a nice insight into this excellent underwater photographer and his work, for more of Stewart’s work visit our gallery and his website

Production update on the AD7100 housing:

Field testing is being done by well-known underwater photojournalist, Tim Rock. Initial testing was conducted first on the Island of Guam in the Tumon Marine Reserve and then the Island of Yap. At this point in time, Tim bumped into Judy Bennett, a long-time user of Aquatica housings, and diligently lent her the AD7100 for the day. She nailed first place with the image she took with the AD7100, so I guess, this Aquatica AD7100 housing is off to a good start!

Here is the initial response that Tim said on setting up the housing:

I have been setting up the D7100 housing and it is a pleasure so far.”
“This may be the nicest DX camera housing Aquatica has made to date.”
“There are some wonderful features, all the buttons line up perfectly and I love the moveable zoom knob, so I can get lenses in and out easily.”

And as they say, the proof is in the pudding, so take a minute or two to look at Tim’s image taken with the Aquatica AD7100.

Click images to enlarge.


Field testing is due to continue next week with Tim heading to Tonga in the pursuit of Humpback Whales. We are obliviously looking forward to see these images. The AD7100 housings are scheduled to ship at the end of September.

May 2013

An immersive preview of a forthcoming film series on rivers of the Southeastern US from Freshwaters Illustrated. Filmed exclusively with Aquatica camera housings and entirely on location in Southern Appalachia. Help this film become a reality at | |

Jeremy has this to say about our Aquatica housings:

"Whether in the rocky rivers of Appalachia or the powerful rivers of the Northwest, our work requires equipment that can take a lot of physical abuse. We use Aquatica camera housings because they are the toughest design we have found to house today's advanced DSLR cameras. We have put thousands of hours on our Aquatica fleet, and the housings perform for us on every shoot." - Jeremy Monroe, Freshwaters Illustrated


Aquatica, Amphibico and Technical Control Lighting are proud to announce the addition of two new Australian dealers to our existing network.
Sea Optics in South Australia and Underwater Cameras in Queensland will join Scubapix, also of Queensland,
as official point of sales for our product lines. This expansion is directed at further
improving the distribution, sales and support of our brands in Australia.
March 2013
Well-established photographer and film maker Mauricio Handler, recently was the subject of an interview on his work with our Amphibico Rouge housing, this interview was done on for the TV program “207” which is an NBC affiliate in Portland Maine, it is a short and pleasurable piece with still and clips done with the Amphibico Rouge housing for the RED camera.
To learn more, click here.

Click images to enlarge.
February 2013

Aquatica would like to congratulate our Gallery member, Marcelo Krause. Marcelo is accomplished photographer based in Brazil who is also a long-time user of Aquatica housing. He has been chosen, along with David Fleetham, as the opening acts to inaugurate the new full frame column of the well-known underwater photography web forum Wetpixel. This popular forum is also inaugurating a bold new look.

You can see the feature on Marcelo here:, and visit Marcelo’s website here:

January 2013

Mauricio Handler, a long time National Geographic Stock photographer and Aquatica Field Adviser, has just completed his migration into Ultra High Def with the Red Scarlet and Amphibico Rouge housing. You can see some of his work here: Mauricio is one of our long standing Aquatica gallery member, you are invited to visit our gallery and see more work from this top ranking pro.


December 2012

SKY BLOGAZINE has a full story featuring Todd Mintz, a long time Aquatica user and Arctic specialist, to read the full article, please click here.

Aquatica just got hold of incredible footage shot by Divers of the Dark. It was shot in cave formations at the Emergence du Ressel in southern of France. The Divers of the Dark group started filming this cave diving documentary in September 2012.

Underwater filming: by Janne Suhonen & Sami Paakkarinen.
Surface filming: by Jarkko Virtanen & Iisakki Kennilä from Flatlight Films.
Divers and uw-lightning team: Phil Short, Antti Apunen, Jarmo Kuusinen, Harri Urho, Veli Elomaa & Zoltan Varga.
Camera housings: by Aquatica.

See the footage | Learn about Aquatica A5D Mk III »

November 2012
Following its DEMA inaugural release, Aquatica is proud to introduce you to the revised Technical Lighting Control® Water Wizard housing. This unique housing is designed around the state of the art Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceiver and now feature TEST/TRIGGER and ON/OFF buttons. The applications for this transceiver housing are many. One can link up multiple strobes located underwater with studio flashes on the surface without the need for physical connections. Because it uses popular “off the shelves” sync cords and extension, the Water Wizard is not brand specific when it’s time to connect it, any DSLR housings equipped with a Nikonos or Ikelite type of strobe connectors will be suitable.

Read the Press Release | Learn More »

October 2012

Robert Lasalle, a well-known local photographer, just added an Aquatica Close up kit to his tool box. The opportunity for him to test them came up recently in Les Escoumins, a frigidly beautiful dive spot about 10 hours' drive from our head office in Montreal. This area, part of a submerged national park, is fed by a very cold current that creates conditions found normally associated with polar regions. On a dive, one could encounter Belugas, Greenland Sharks or all sort of critters that one would normally expect to see up in the Hudson Bay or even further North.

Robert will be putting his brand new D800 Aquatica housing through its pace in the same diving spots in early October.

The images where done with a Nikon D2x in its Aquatica housing, using the new 105mm f/2.8 VR and with an Aquatica
+5 close up lens on the macro port. Lighting was provided by a pair of Ikelite DS-161 strobes, which along with the camera exposure and focusing, were all in manual mode. To visit Robert’s website, click

Click images to enlarge.

September 2012

Just added online is the new Technical Lighting Control system charts. These self-explanatory charts help shed light on the often confusing aspect typical of many lighting systems.

The new format clearly shows attachment options available from TLC for the popular strobes on the market as well as for housing, both from Aquatica and other manufacturers as well.

Further information is available by contacting

Just received from the UK

This incredible video was commissioned by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. I had the great pleasure to meet Sue Austin at the LIDS show in London this year, she was bubbling with enthusiast for this wonderful project as she took time to explain and show me the raw footage done so far, I fully understand why she would be, especially after seeing the final version of this wonderful film.

Although I did not personally meet Norman Lomax, the director of photography, I did have the opportunity to converse with him, in the early stage, on some technical aspects of this project. Aquatica is very proud to be part of the creative tools used by this visionary artist. More details are available at

Daniel Klaucke, an Aquatica user, will have an exhibition of his work, all taken from East German bodies of water, from September 10 - 29, 2012 at the Potsdam Central Station in Brandenburg, Germany.

To read more about the exhibition itself please click here for a PDF file on the subject.
To see Daniel’s website, visit!works-1

August 2012
Announcing the Aquatica AD800 housing for the new bench mark in digital photography, the Nikon D800/D800e

Production is moving along on the Aquatica AD800 and we added a fresh set of images of the housing showing it in details, the owner manual, system chart and updated Nikon Type 4 lens chart are also available for download. This housing is unique in that it is one of (if not) the  only housing on the market that allows access to the entire camera function and buttons, including the Fn and DOF button on the front of the camera, as is well known to Nikon users, these buttons original functions are highly modifiable in both video and still mode, add our extensive selection of strobe connectors, our comfortable fingertip ergonomics, rugged construction  and you have the most advanced housing available for the benchmark setting Nikon D800 and D800E camera.

To see actual pictures of the housing click here.

Aquatica has designed the ultimate housing for this new Nikon camera along with the usual comfortable ergonomics usually associated with our housings. The AD800 incorporates a multitude of refinements. Among them, the Aquatica AD800 housing is the first of its kind to offer access to the Fn and DOF preview buttons. This is done via a unique toggle lever that access the two buttons, while the depth of field feature in itself is, quite arguably, of little use underwater. The many Custom Functions roles that can be attributed to these two buttons sure is worthy of attention. To read the full press release, click here.

July 2012
Click image to enlarge   Production Update on Aquatica A5D Mk III Housing

As can be seen by the accompanying picture the production of the A5D Mk III housing is in full swing and is within days of shipping. For those who would want to get a heads up on the housing, we have uploaded the instruction manual and system chart on our website:

For the folks patiently waiting for the AD800 housing, please note that the lady in the background is actually holding the rear shell of a AD800 housing, your time is also coming up soon! 

Click image to enlarge

The front page of the June Edition of the California Diving News was courtesy of  Joseph C. Dovala. An Aquatica housing user for some time now and a long-time member of our Aquatica shooter gallery, Joe routinely graces the pages of magazine and books. One of which that does stand out, his eBook on the Ghost Fleet Of Bikini Atoll, a truly magnificent and exclusive tour of the submerged ships surrounding the famed nuclear test site which, unfortunately, is now closed to public access.

Joe not only has a sharp lens, his penmanship is also well recognized. He has an upcoming article in DAN’s Dive Alert magazine on the subject of diving after having being treated for cancer. This for the record, is a subject matter that he had to personally tackle not so long ago.

To see more of Joe’s work visit our Aquatica Gallery or visit his website at

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge 

New book by Ethan Daniel

Ethan Daniel, one of our Aquatica Gallery members, has recently released a book encompassing a quarter of a century of images taken from his coexistence with the marine environment.

Coral Triangle Seascapes
By Ethan Daniels & Geoffrey M. Cook
The contents of Coral Triangle Seascapes reflects the culmination of over twenty-five years of collective experience living among, diving in, and actively studying tropical marine habitats around the world. It is a chronicle meant as a preamble—a starting point for those with an interest in, or proclivity for learning, the myriad intricacies of tropical Pacific marine ecology. It also serves as a memorable visual portrayal of the distinct beauty found in a corner of our world that is difficult, if not downright impossible, to aptly describe with words alone. The images and text strive to provide both historical and contemporary insights into Earth’s most biologically diverse marine region: The Coral Triangle. The content documents and shares journeys through space and time that aim to renew both a sense of childlike wonder about our planet’s many natural splendors and mysteries, as well as lure ardent students, divers, fishermen, politicians, and anybody else leafing through these pages to partake directly in the fascinating environment that exists in the recesses of the sea. Forewords are written by Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Charlie Veron.


  Coming straight from Scott Mortensen, here's one uses of an Aquatica we don’t see very often... If there was ever a harsh working environment for a photographic system, it would have to be surf photography. The housing (and the photographer as well) gets pounded by continuously crashing waves, water pressure builds up and release in an instant, in short, no walk in the park for a housing. Scott makes a living of this peculiar activity and has chosen Aquatica has the tool for his trade. While the proverbial "don’t try this at home" and "performed by professional stunt man" disclaimer pops into mind, we are certainly proud to have been chosen for such a difficult task. It speaks volumes of the legendary ruggedness our housings are famous for.

We encourage you to visit Scott’s website to see more of his work.

Click images
to enlarge

Matti, one of our Aquatica gallery members who hails from Australia, has shared some of the image he took while competing in the Sundive Photo Competition in the Famed Byron Bay area. Weather and cold water condition did not succeed to dampen Matti’s enthusiasm, he did some really beautiful work well worth checking out, noteworthy is that the macro shots where done using either the new Aquatica Close up lenses of +5 or +10.

Click images to enlarge

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Jose A. Cañibano, (AKA Pepe) is a dive and underwater photography instructor located in Cuba, he recently participated successfully in an underwater photo contest in Maria La Gorda, one of the many famed diving spot in Cuba.

Aside from sharing the championship title, he got two first place prizes -- one in environment, and one in environment with model. Whoever is blessed to be able to dive Cuba knows this country offers a fascinating range of dive sites. Mari La Gorda is right there amongst the best ones.

To contact Pepe and know more about diving Cuba:

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to enlarge

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Malbin for his featured portfolio and front cover shot in the spring issue of the Asia-Pacific Alert Diver from DAN. Andy, a long time Aquatica user, took all photos with an Aquatica AD300s housing.

He has been shooting underwater since the early 80’s, and has been a member of the Aquatica gallery for quite some time now. He is currently recuperating well from a serious DCI accident and while most of us would call it quits, he on the other hand is looking forward to getting his fins wet at the first opportunity he gets.

Luis Javier Sandoval, based in Mexico is a photographer for Mexico Desconocido magazine, the largest travel magazine in his country. He has generously provided us with some spreads of his most recent underwater work, that he shot with his Aquatica housing.

The essay on the submerged sculptures of Jason deCaires Taylor in the Museo Escultórico Subacuático (musa), which is an underwater museum of human figures slowly being taken back by nature, features his images which have an evocative tranquil quality to them seldom seen in underwater photography. His Caribbean essay is loaded with excellent images and describes some of the large inhabitants of the Caribbean water surrounding Mexico.

Aside from winning the top honor in "Ramon Bravo" shootout, the most prestigious of its type in Mexico, for 3 years in a row he has placed 2th in the "Ocean art" wide angle category as well. His work is distributed worldwide by Getty images, the largest image bank in the world and he is the author of "beneath the surface, underwater portrait of the Mexican Caribbean" book. This book was awarded the silver medal in the art books category of the most prestigious design magazine in Mexico.

Luis Javier Sandoval runs UW photo workshops on board the Rocio del Mar liveaboard in Socorro island and the Sea of Cortez, he can be reached at

Our Intrepid Aquatica user, Tim Rock, a long-standing member of our gallery, has just returned from assignment with Outdoor Japan to the Island of Ishigaki in the southern Okinawan chain.

He used Aquatica housing and gears, including the new close-up kit, for many of the tight macro shots seen here. Modeling light for all of the macro was the new Aqua LED 800.

Check out the images here.

June 2012
Saddle up! The new workhorse from Aquatica is being introduced!

The Aquatica Team is proud to introduce you to the Aquatica A5D Mk III housing for the acclaimed Canon 5D Mk III. Our Design team has upped the game with this recently released camera. New features have been added to this housing to improve operation and compatibility, but importantly, this precision housing is the product of a very time proven lineage of underwater camera housing. 30 years of knowledge in this field has made sure that every aspect of the housing ergonomics and access to all controls were carefully implemented. The final result of this camera housing mirrors the constant evolution of technology and the input of highly respected professionals image makers from around the world.

To read the full press release, click here.

May 2012
Christopher Hirsch and his wife Jen, both newcomers to underwater imaging, have recently posted some videos from their dive on an oil Platform in California, while this is among their first try, it certainly has the flavor of the work expected from veterans and is well worth taking a look at.

The footage was shots using a Nikon D7000 in our Aquatica AD7000 housing.

Links to videos:

April 2012
Good news! Aquatica is now on Facebook, this will prove to be a marvelous platform for sharing info and keeping up with the latest news, we all invite you to share and send us your comments, stories and adventures. Facebook, as well as being a superb communication tool, is also a most efficient way to get the latest news to you, so sign up, be friendly and come and visit!

"Like" us on Facebook by visiting our page here:

Tim Rock, a long-time owner of Aquatica housings, and the popular writer of many of the Dive destination guides available on the shelf of your favorite dive store, has just taken possession of an Aquatica Close up kit and kindly reviewed it in detail in his Guam & Micronesia Dive Travel column. His deep knowledge of underwater photography make this review and Tim’s insight, that much more interesting to read.

To read about is impression and see the images taken with the Aquatica Close Up Kit, click here and make sure to visit his website.

March 2012

Our Aquatica gallery member, Damien Siviero, has just sent us a nice video on Cave Diving.

Damien is a long time user of Aquatica user based in Australia, the footage was shot in Florida.


Dive Photo Guide is featuring is a beautiful series of images with dolphins and models shot in B&W by Aquatica Gallery members Christian Vizl, to see more of his work please visit his website.

Congratulations to Dale Sanders for is outstanding BEST OF SHOW winning shot in the DEEP Indonesia 2012 Photography Contest. The shot is of an Arctic reefscape. Dale not only won the best of show award, but also Gold in the Reefscapes Category and Gold in the Diver Category, edging Jeff Honda in this category, the silver medalist, who is another Aquatica user and frequent contest winner.

Dale’s shot was made using a Canon 5D Mk II used in a Aquatica housing while on expedition for the upcoming One World One Ocean IMAX film "TO THE ARCTIC 3D"...  by MacGillivray Freeman Films. He was back up in the arctic this past summer shooting underwater video of narwhals along the ice flow edge for a Japanese television show, using none other than his trusty 5D Mark II in our Aquatic housing!

Dale Sanders has been shooting with the Canon 5D Mk II in the Aquatica 5D Mk II housing since the housing was introduced a few years ago. To see more of Dale’s work go to his website: or follow his travel blog:

February 2012
Congratulations to Nuno Sá, one of our long time Aquatica users, who just landed the cover of the Scuba Diving Magazine 20th Anniversary cover. The stunning blue shark picture was done at point blank using a fisheye, close indeed, and was taken with an Aquatica A7D housing. This is what Nuno had to say about the shot:

"Blue Sharks are one of my favourite subjects in this mid-Atlantic underwater Oásis called Azores. Fast, elegant and curious, this was my first dive with this species and one of my first dives with the Aquatica 7D, and a real treat. Fast focusing camera, and the excellent close focusing Tokina 10-17, makes this species surprisingly easy to capture as it patrols the clear blue waters of the Azores."

To see more of Nuno’s work follow this link:  


Tim Rock is just back from a trip on the Kona Aggressor (Aquatica is an official supplier to the Aggressor and Dancer fleet). Tim is as highly published photographer and writer he is known for the many books he's written and illustrated on dive destination, and for his magazine articles as well. He is a long time Aquatica user and gallery member who is based on the pacific island of Guam.

His latest crop is well worth the look here.


Marty Wolff has just returned from a very fruitful humpback whale trip off the coasts of Hawaii’s Islands. His images speak volumes of this majestic animal and his talent for capturing them on camera. The images where done with a Nikon D700 in an Aquatica AD700 housing with a 16mm fisheye. Visit website »

January 2012

Mauricio Handler returned recently from a field trip on Saba Island. Part of this trip was devoted to testing the new Close Up Lenses from Aquatica, and we asked him to answer a few frequently asked questions about Close Up Lenses (AKA wet diopter). Please click on the thumbnails below for larger views. Click here for the FAQ.

Macro port diopter mount with a 5x diopter lens installed on an Aquatica D3s housing with a 105macro lens. This is a 1:1 shot of a Pike Blenny shot on the lava sands of Saba Island, Netherlands Antilles with my Aquatica D3s housing + macro port for 105VR lens. This is as close to the subject as I could get with the Nikon 105VR lens a life sized image. Adding a +5 diopter to my 105macro VR lens on a Nikon D3s DSLR made all the difference in the world. Now the Pike Blenny comes to life, details are up close and personal! A +10 diopter would have been too much for this size fish so I chose the +5. Notice the shallow depth of field when using diopters of this magnification. I focused on the eye only letting the depth of field fall off nicely. Exposure for this final image is aprox 180th/sec f11 ISO 200 with dual Ikelite DS160 Strobes @ -3 setting (less than a 1/4 power).

Mauricio Handler photographing a Pike Blenny with the new Aquatica +5 diopter in an Aquatica D3s housing with a 105VR macro lens.

Bart Lukasik who has purchased a HD wave video housing recently was kind enough to provide us with a field review of the latest HD Wave CX 560 & CX 700 housing. To read the review click here.

To see Bart’s work please follow this link

To learn more about this Amphibico housing click here.

December 2011
B17 Flying Fortress wreck as filmed by Alex Kvarantan

Alex shot this video in 73 meters of water using the Aquatica AD7 housing for the Canon 7D. The wreck dates back to WWII and is a very challenging dive. Alex selected Aquatica for its stellar reputation in the world of technical diving, with a 90 meter off-the-shelf depth rating that can be upgraded to 130 meters, large knurled knob insure that his housing control are easily accessible, whatever  type of glove he is wearing.

To see more of Alex outstanding work, make sure to visit his website
To watch the video, click here.

Todd Mintz, a Canadian based underwater photographer who does quite a lot of work in the northern part of the hemisphere, recently did a couple of interesting trip, Todd who shoot with an Aquatica A7D housing for his Canon 7D somehow wanted to push the envelope with our equipment, the Arctic seemed the ideal place to do so! Following are some of images taken while on assignment in the Canadian Arctic and some from the majestic Port Hardy region in British Columbia. We are happy to report that Todd's housing performed flawlessly, as they should, throughout both trips.

We, at Aquatica, pride ourselves at having the toughest proving ground of any housing manufacturers out there, if it works in our testing environment, then rest assured that your housing will work anywhere in the world. To see more of Todd's images please visit our Aquatica Gallery or his website.

November 2011

Congratulations to Pasi Lensu, for his 3rd-place in the Fresh Water section of the 2011 Epson World Shootout. Pasi I uses a T2i housing as a tool for expressing his talent, his working environment is the cold water of Finland, which much like Canada, where his housing was design and manufactured, is known for the ruggedness of its diving condition. Cold water divers are typically much more task loaded and burdened by the equipment they need to bring and use underwater, this makes every single image taken, that much more appreciated due to the harsh environment in which they are taken. You can see more images from Pasi on his website

Congratulations are also on order to Keri Wilk from Canada for his 1st place, (Keri recently upgraded and switched over to an Aquatica D7000 housing system) and to Stephan Beskow from Sweden for his 2nd place.

Congratulations are also in order to Nuno Sá for 1st place in the Wide Angle category. The picture, a magnificent blue shark, was shot in the Azores using the Aquatica A7D housing. Nuno, who is a long-time Aquatica user, also took 1st place in the Ocean Category of the Natures Best Photography-Windland awards and was highly commended in the Wildlife Photographer of the year competition (UW World category). This year he has managed to get awards in three other competitions as well, Deep Indonesia, Ocean Views and Asferico. Click here for another image.

We also have Mark Fuller from Israel, who placed third in the Best 5 Images Category in the Epson Red Sea, World of Underwater Images. Mark is one of our earliest AD7000 users, he also is a regular to photo competitions across the world and has won several prizes in the past. Congratulations Mark!

Stewart Sy, has done a nice review on our Aquatica AN-5 housing for the tremendously popular Sony NEX-5, while this camera is being replaced (already!) with the newer NEX-5n, his observation and recommendation will apply perfectly to the upcoming camera and the soon to be available AN-5n housing for it. Stu, as he is commonly known, is not only a top level photographer, but also has a very thorough knowledge of underwater photography and good penmanship as well, he offers a good insight into this new approach to photography, the so called EVIL generation of mirror less cameras.

Please click here for the complete review.

Our team just wrapped up the 2011 edition of the DEMA show in Orlando where it showcased products from its three divisions, Aquatica Digital, Amphibico and Technical Lighting Control. On the Aquatica front we announced the new and exciting AN-5n housing, our long awaited 45 degree view finder and a set of what proved to be a very popular item, the close up lens, on the Amphibico side we had the Wave Housing for the CX-560 and CX-700 Sony Camcorder, the new OLED monitor as well as the Genesis FX-100 made for the Sony FS-100, our TLC line meanwhile presented a TTL converter holder bracket for the Ikelite TTL converter 4301 & 4302, a four points mounting base.  Joining ranks is a quartet of new TLC arms and light supports.
Read more
September 2011
AQUATICA Announces acquisition of AMPHIBICO
Deal makes company the leading supplier of equipment for underwater still and video photography

Aquatica today announced that it has acquired Amphibico, the industry leader in underwater video imaging. The combined company is now a global leader in the design, development and service of equipment for the professional and recreational videographer, filmmaker and still photographer.

For more than two decades both Montreal-based companies have been recognized for product innovation, quality manufacturing, and excellent customer service. Read more »

August 2011 Aquatica would like to congratulate Aquatica user Steffen Binke for is grand prize winning shot, in the Scuba Diving Magazine photo contest. His winning entry is a beautiful photograph of his close encounter with a whale. His image shows us the cool, collected photographer that is Steffen, someone who can extract beauty and calm while chaotically being tossed around by the waves, working in natural light and having a behemoth coming straight over him. Steffen won a seven night trip on the Dancer fleet’s liveaboards, the Sun Dancer II in Belize, he will be in good company! Aquatica being one of the Dancer’s fleet official suppliers. To see more of Stephen images, just visit his website.

Congratulations are in order as well for Christopher Guglielmo, also a long time user of Aquatica housings. Chris cleaned up 1st and 2nd place in the DIVERS category. As is usually the norm with his images, they are visually stunning and technically impeccable. You can see more of Christopher’s work at

To see their winning images and those of the other participants, please visit the Scuba Diving Magazine official website page of the: Through your lens: Reader’s Photo Contest 2011.

Aquatica is proud to be the choice housing manufacturer for Steffen and Christopher, to be the tool that such talented individuals have selected to express their vision of this world is an honor for us.

July 2011
New "HD WAVE" Video Housing

Aquatica Digital has been providing for both the recreational and professional diver high quality underwater photographic systems for over 30 years. Given their tremendous expertise in designing & manufacturing underwater photographic equipment, they are proud to announce the new HD-WAVE supporting the new Sony HDR CX560/700 HD camcorders. Read more »


2011 Digital Shootout trip report
by Jean Bruneau, Technical Advisor for Aquatica

This year's edition of the Digital shootout was the tenth edition and Aquatica is proud to be among this events oldest premiere sponsor. This time we are back on the Island of Bonaire and attendees where in excess of sixty, that is the biggest attendance ever and right out of the gates, it meant that, we the support personnel where going to have A) a good time, B) a busy time and C) not much time for anything else but diving, prepping up photo gear, diving, grab food, prep up photo gear again, check out the nightly slide shows, punch in a night dive (or two), sleep and… repeat. Read more »


It has been found that on a small number of Aquatica AD7000 housings already delivered, the working tolerances of the Live View mechanism were set too close, as a result, once the housing is immerged and the ambient pressure builds up, the Main O-ring compresses, preventing the Live View actuating linkage from springing back. Read more »

May 2011
Jo-Ann Wilkins and her partner Gaëtan Dumais, both long time Aquatica users, had a most pleasant vist. It happened in Les Escoumins, a favorite diving spot on the North shore of the St Lawrence River in Quebec. It appears that while Gaetan was busy, looking around for his subject, said subject, the juvenile lumpsucker, was busy looking up our company’s latest offering. What the story doesn’t tell is,  was Jo-Ann kind enough to inform her partner not to look further than the tip of his nose!

To see more of Jo-Ann’s work go to our Aquatica Gallery or click here.

Mark Ormesher, one of our trusted Aquatica users, took our AD 5D Mk II housing through some most interesting and beautiful cenotes in Mexico named The Pit. It is an interesting and very well made video that shows not only the talent of Mark, but the potential of this camera & housing combination in a technically difficult environment.  

To see the video, click here.  |   Learn about the Aquatica 5D Mk II »


In light of some recent events, Aquatica feel it should remind its users that Reef Photo, located in Florida and its associated companies are not authorized to perform maintenance, repair, or sell any housings, accessories or products manufactured by Aquatica.

Aquatica recommend that you only use officially recognized service centers. These have direct access to the original manufactured replacement parts and are staffed with knowledgeable and trained individuals. Following those guideline will insure your Aquatica product will not only, be maintained properly, but that the work will be performed in a timely manner. 

For a list of our service centers section please consult our service center section or contact Aquatica for your nearest authorized service center.

TLC 1” ball with ¼-20” threaded hole

Find the missing link to your lighting solution. Read the Press Release »

Damien Siviero Wins 1st Place in the DEEP Indonesia 2011 Photo Competition

The Winners Of The 5th annual DEEP Indonesia 2011 Photo Competition have been announced, and we would like to congratulate Damien Siviero for his first place finish in the divers category. The winning image is a visually stunning photograph (as is usually the case with Damien's work) it is well composed, has stunning use of available light and conveys admirably to the viewers, the otherworldly nature of our passion. Bravo Damien! Click thumbnail at left to enlarge.

Damien uses the Aquatica A7D housing, with a factory deep rated kit installed, for is imaging needs. To see more of Damien's work, please visit our Gallery section.

March 2011
Aquatica, fier de son héritage Québécois, est heureux de vous annoncer le lancement de la version française de son site internet.
Le site sera maintenu en parallèle avec sa version anglaise.

Nous vous encourageons à le visiter et à nous laisser vos commentaires à
Le personnel d ’Aquatica vous remercie de votre visite.

February 2011
Keri Wilk has just returned from field testing the new Aquatica AD7000. His review of the camera and the Aquatica AD7000 housing is touted as the most comprehensive to date.

To find more about the Nikon D7000 camera and the excellent Aquatica AD7000 housing for it, click here.

View Photo Gallery
»  |   Learn about the Aquatica AD7000 »
Aquatica is proud to announce the addition of Cathy Church as a dealer for Aquatica. Cathy Church's Photo Centre is located in Grand Cayman, one of the most sought-after dive destinations in the world. Her extensive knowledge of photography and sunny disposition are matched only by the dedication of her team toward customer service.  

Cathy as also joined our Aquatica shooter gallery, which I urge everyone to visit to discover the work of Cathy Church, one of the most important pillars of modern underwater photography, and a name that has inspired many of us to go and discover diving and underwater photography. Cathy Church's Photo Centre is located in our US dealer section.

Welcome Cathy, Aquatica is happy to be associated with you!

January 2011
New gear format introduced with the Aquatica AD7000
Along with their super light housing for the Nikon® D7000, Aquatica is introducing a new line of Focus & Zoom gears.

Read the Press Release »
First underwater images taken by Keri Wilk with the Aquatica AD7000
JUST IN! We have received the first underwater images taken by Keri Wilk with the Aquatica AD7000. Keri is currently known throughout the world as one of the most influential underwater photographers of his time for his innovative techniques and keen sense of composition. He constantly win prizes in major underwater photography competitions with his evocative and refreshing images. This excellent talent and technical expertise make Keri Wilk the perfect test pilot for our Aquatica AD7000 housing. His upcoming field report on this housing in the work and will soon be made available here and on your favourites underwater photography forums.

View Photo Gallery »  |   Learn about the Aquatica AD7000 »

Aquatica AN-5 housing for the Sony NEX-5 camera
(Click image to enlarge)

The Aquatica Team is proud to announce the release of the Aquatica AN-5 housing for the Sony NEX-5 camera. Learn more »

Ryan Pedlow reviews the Aquatica 7D Housing

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September 2010

Bob Talbot hang’s the Aquatica 5DMk II housing out of its comfort zone!
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Bob Talbot send us a picture of our Aquatica 5D Mk II housing at work. This is what he had to say about it: "Here's a photo from a shoot we did yesterday using the 5d housing on a jib arm.Would never do this with a lesser housing. Thanks again for all your support."

Aquatica housing for the Canon 550 / T2i Rebel housing Now Shipping! (Click image to enlarge)

Announced this past July, the super light and compact Aquatica AT2i housing for the Canon T2i/550 has undergone its complete field testing cycle and has now started shipping. Among modifications made from the preproduction prototype is a new retractable focus/zoom gear rack and lens release lever, pulling out these controls clears the path for installing and removing the camera/lens assembly, replacing the battery, card or lens now becomes a simple task to do. The controls layout has been ergonomically positioned with vital functions (for both still and video) all being accessible at the tip of your fingers. Learn more »


July 2010
Return from the Digital Shootout 2010

Aquatica attended this year’s edition of the shootout at the Little Cayman beach resort, one thing that is not little about this island is the diving, surrounded by some of the best and healthiest wall diving in this hemisphere, as a major sponsor of the event we made sure to bring ample products for attendees to try out, apart from our really popular Canon 7D housing a big hit was our newly introduced Aquatica housing for the T2i / 550D, which like the island itself is quite small but really big on features, our trusted ally, Jim Decker from Backscatter took some breathtaking video footage that can be seen on Backscatter's website(another major sponsor of the event). Pretty popular also where the TLC new underwater tripods that we brought along, these are specialized tripod with a pan and tilt head making them ideal for video aficionados as well as for macro shooter. Learn more »


May 2010

AQUATICA announces the introduction of its totally redesigned TLC underwater tripod. The inclusion of HD quality video features in the current crop of DSLR as well as the recent advent of HD compact camcorder has increased the acquisition of HD video to unprecedented new levels. A tripod has always been a useful yet optional tool in low light / long exposure situations using a still camera. In the case of close up video work using a HDSLR or a dedicated video camera, a tripod now becomes a must have tool allowing for rock steady shots. Learn more »

With the well-received introduction to the first HD video housing for Aquatica, the HD WAVE continues surf to another level, will now support the new Sony HDR-XR550/CX550 & Pro HXR-MC50 camcorders

Weighing in at only 6.5lbs it's our smallest and lightest aluminum housing ever, great for easy travel. Mid-June Release. Learn more »



March 2010
Aquatica is proud to introduce the BK-7 coated glass Mini Dome 100.

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This new addition to our already fine line of ports is ideally suited for fisheye lenses such as the Nikon 10.5mm, Tokina 10-17mm and Sigma 10mm. Because of its small diameter of only 100mm (4 inches), its reduced frontal signature means you can really sneak up on a subject and have the extra room to properly position your strobes in ultra close-up wide angle situation. Its miniature size and lighter weight are welcome features by travelling underwater photographer in these days of increased travel restrictions. Made from grounded BK-7 mineral glass and polished to perfection the Mini Dome 100 is competitively priced without compromising on quality. 

Discriminating photographers will appreciate the integration of optical anti reflection and scratch resistant coatings provided at no extra cost. The Mini Dome 100 will shortly be made available for other housing brands.

Depth rated @ 90m / 300ft
Suggested retail price: 699 usd
Available spring 2010 

For more information please contact:



Canon's new Flagship camera the Canon 1D MK IV is a perfect fit for Aquatica's current housing for the Canon 1DS MKIII. No modifications are required and no function or access buttons are sacrificed when using the newer Canon body. Access to the video mode of the Mk IV model is not a problem.

From the beginning Aquatica’s design team wanted to give photographers complete access to as many controls as possible. Because of this foresight, easy access to the FEL button used to activate video capture was already in place as well as other important buttons such as exposure compensationISO and the illuminator button.

Reassignment of these functions through the DSLR's custom  menu setting is not necessary.


February 2010

WAVE HDThe best kept secret is now out - we started shipping our Aquatica 7D housing a few weeks ago! This housing brings the best of proven technologies to underwater photography; every effort went into making a mechanically rugged and easy to uses camera housing for the Canon 7D while making it small and light, this state of the art housing still retains the 90m/300ft depth rating (upgradable to 130m/425ft) that has made us a household name in the technical diving circle. With this Aquatica housing we expanded connectivity to underwater strobes with the addition of optical fiber ports and 6 pins connectors for full TTL compatibility with current TTL converter. Go to our AQUATICA A7D SECTION for more info.



September 2009

Aquatica has received its NIKON D300S CAMERA a few weeks ago and is hard at work designing the new version housing for this exciting camera, the next generation will offer optical fiber connector and/or traditional wired strobe connector such as Nikonos or Ikelite type mounted on a machined from solid aluminum housing that will be lighter and more compact than it predecessor, the Nikon D300. On this new housing the full access to the video features has been implemented, a port lock is standard feature and our usual 300ft / 90 meters (upgradeable to 425ft / 130 meters) depth rating has been maintained., meaning that whatever your working depth, you will be in a  position to pull the maximum quality out of this high level camera. 


May 2009

WAVE HDWe are in full production for the New WAVE HD VIDEO HOUSING and on schedule for mid June delivery. It will ship fully loaded with standard wide angle lens, UR PRO color correction flip filter, wet alarm and hydrophone for the low price of $2395USD.

Please contact your local Aquatica dealer for all other inquires or to place your order for the new WAVE HD Video housing. We are receiving many inquires on this unit and our first production will be limited as we did not anticipate such a demand.



April 2009

THE HD WAVE: Aquatica Digital has been providing for both the recreational and professional diver high quality underwater photographic systems for over 25 years. Given their tremendous expertise in designing & manufacturing underwater photographic equipment, they are proud to introduce the new “HD WAVE”, their first High Definition Video Housing for the NEW Sony HDR-XR500V/520V HD camcorders. MORE INFO.

Jean BruneauAquatica is happy to announce that Jean Bruneau, our resident technical adviser and well known Wetpixel member (Vi’zart) will be heading south to the Digital Shootout in Bonaire happening from the 6th to 13th of June. Along with is underwater photographic knowledge Jean will be bringing along some of the latest housings and accessories made from Aquatica for participants of the workshop to take underwater on photo shoot. 

Jean will add to the already deep pool of professional individual on site that will work with participant to raise their level of underwater photography to new heights. He got into photography in 1971 and has been involved in underwater photography since 1989, Aquatica has, since the early 90’s, had Jean Bruneau as part of their team of technical advisors.

For more information on the Digital Shootout contact or visit their website:



March 30, 2009
Aquatica a leader in underwater digital photography systems, announced the recent addition of Joe Bendahan as Marketing Director to their team.  
Joe Bendahan draws many years of experience from an eclectic background of corporate and brand identity development, marketing and creative direction within many facets of the underwater imaging industry.  
"We are extremely pleased to be able to bring such a highly capable individual into our team," said Aquatica president, Norma Alonzo. Joe will not only expand Aquatica's current capabilities, but also enable us to develop more creative and effective ways to expand the companies profile in the industry.


Bonne nouvelles pour nos utilisateurs d’Aquatica de langue française: 
Amar Guillen, photographe sous marin de réputation mondiale et auteur de deux livres à grand succès sur le sujet vous proposes des stages de photographies sous-marine, le tout dans un décor féerique en Mer Rouge, un des plus beaux sites de plongée de la planète. POUR PLUS D’INFO.

Good news to our French speaking Aquatica users: 
Amar Guillen, world renowned underwater photographer and author of two best selling books on the subject, is offering workshop on underwater photography, this in the wonderful surrounding of the Red Sea, one of the best diving destination in the world. MORE INFO.