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September 2010
Press Release: Aquatica housing for the Canon 550 / T2i Rebel housing. Now shipping!

Announced this past July, the super light and compact Aquatica AT2i housing for the Canon T2i/550 has undergone its complete field testing cycle and has now started shipping. Among modifications made from the preproduction prototype is a new retractable focus/zoom gear rack and lens release lever, pulling out these controls clears the path for installing and removing the camera/lens assembly, replacing the battery, card or lens now becomes a simple task to do. The controls layout has been ergonomically positioned with vital functions (for both still and video) all being accessible at the tip of your fingers.

Built right here in North America by a team of highly trained individuals from a company with over 28 years of experiences in making underwater photographic housings. The Aquatica AT2i housing is manufactured from the best quality aluminum and high grade stainless steel components that will not rust. The housing shell is treated to a military specification anodizing process and covered with a protective layer of baked powder coating. The Aquatica AT2i is designed and destined to give years of loyal services to its owners.

Aquatica housings have long been known for offering a wide variety of strobes connectors to accommodate most of all lighting requirement for underwater photography, The Aquatica AT2i is no exception, even added for optical strobe usage is a simple and easily accessible knob that allows the built in flash of the camera to be lowered for doing ambient light images and a push button to raise it when the user wish to return to strobe illumination.

Since the introduction of video on modern cameras it has become imperative that both still and video controls be made as equally accessible, this has been accomplished on the Aquatica AT2i housing with the uses of internal controls extenders, none being held by fasteners passing through the housing shell, thus eliminating the risk of leaking from pass through retainers, all controls are sealed with dual sealing O-rings and all push buttons are equipped with sealing Quad-rings. Aquatica is committed to the safety or your precious camera, its 300ft/90m depth rating and sturdy construction bears testimony to this fact.

Also introduced this summer and already available are two new ports, the 4” Mini dome 100 (#18410) and the low profile Macro Port (# 18429) designed especially for the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens, this coupled with the fact that the Aquatica AT2i is one if not the smallest of housing for the Canon T2i on the market, will make packing this housing kit a dream for travelling.



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