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June 19-26, 2010 on Little Cayman

Aquatica attended this year’s edition of the shootout at the Little Cayman beach resort, one thing that is not little about this island is the diving, surrounded by some of the best and healthiest wall diving in this hemisphere, as a major sponsor of the event we made sure to bring ample products for attendees to try out, apart from our really popular Canon 7D housing a big hit was our newly introduced Aquatica housing for the T2i / 550D, which like the island itself is quite small but really big on features, our trusted ally, Jim Decker from Backscatter took some breathtaking video footage that can be seen on Backscatter’s website (another major sponsor of the event). Pretty popular also where the TLC new underwater tripods that we brought along, these are specialized tripod with a pan and tilt head making them ideal for video aficionados as well as for macro shooter.

This year we introduced two new ports, the first, the Mini Dome 100, is especially suited for this Little Cayman environment, where you want to get up in your face close on the subject without losing the breathtaking background so easily available over there, the small frontal signature of this dome make lighting a breeze and positioning such a small dome is really simple, the other port, a flat one for macro, is less exotic and does not have the ooh and ahs of the Mini Dome, but IMO it’s a very significant addition to our lineup, for the last few years, Canon has made serious headway in the realms of underwater photography, one of the popular lens for macro work with APS sized sensors is their EF-S 60mm which is very, very compact, this made our standard Macro port quite oversized for the task, they did fine, but did not needed to be so cumbersome, this new macro port, with its much lower profile, streamlines the underwater kit and give much more generous space between the front of the port and the subject when doing work around the 1:1 magnification, this consequently make lighting said subject so much easier.

Again, going back to the Aquatica T2i /550D housing, adding those two ports and a pair of small optically triggered compact strobes, and you should be able to pack it all in a carryon luggage and still have space for your regulator, that in itself, is still a very foreign concept too many of us travelling diver who are used to oversized and overweighed luggage’s.

Also on the list of things tested at Digital Shootout where a pair of port adapter, one for the Sea & Sea and one for the Subal ports, these inexpensive port adapters allow a Sea & Sea or Subal user wishing to migrate to our system to uses their existing ports and extension on Aquatica housings, thus making the transition to our housing system easier and far more economical to do.

Also of particular interest in the thing we field tested was the compatibility with Sigma’s radical 4.5mm Circular Fisheye, the fact that the dome shade is easily removable on our 6” and 8” dome ports made child play to accommodate this Giga coverage lens I found that all I needed was a 6” dome and a very small # 18456 extension to make the full potential of this lens happen. Speaking of pictures, I encourage you to hop over to The Digital Shootout to see a full coverage of the event. The attendees images are well worth the detour and the two housings we gave away as first prize where well deserved (and well received), bravo to all that participated in the contest!

Next upcoming event… beside preparing eagerly for the June 2011 edition of the Digital Shootout in Bonaire, we are planning a dedicated Aquatica Cruise aboard one of the finest live aboard afloat, one of the Aggressor fleet magnificent boat based in the Caribbean seas, a specialized live aboard loaded with fellow Aquatica users, tons of demo gear to try, then throw in the Aquatica technical staffer and the Aggressor photo pro on board with you… well, be there and make it happen. More details on that special event at a later date.