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Part of new line of products aimed at underwater photographers and videographers

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MONTREAL, CANADA: AQUATICA announces the introduction of its totally redesigned TLC underwater tripod.The inclusion of HD quality video features in the current crop of DSLR as well as the recent advent of HD compact camcorder has increased the acquisition of HD video to unprecedented new levels.

A tripod has always been a useful yet optional tool in low light / long exposure situations using a still camera. In the case of close up video work using a HDSLR or a dedicated video camera, a tripod now becomes a must have tool allowing for rock steady shots.This new tripod version includes a pan and tilt head with large easy to grasp knobs and an extended handle for smooth operation when tracking a moving subject.Made from specially coated hard anodized aluminum, this tripod will withstand the harshest of environments. It’s simple and robust design guarantees that moving parts won’t seize from the accumulation of sand or grit. The only maintenance required is a good rinse in fresh water.

The Aquatica TLC Tripod is supplied with three 15” TLC double ball arm sections for support. These can be easily removed and replaced with shorter length arms for a lower point of view. TLC arms come in a variety of lengths and configurations giving videographers endless configuration options. A single knob adjustment of this cleverly designed tripod allows it to lie flush at ground level for those hard to get ultra macro sequences. With this intuitive design you can work in a fast, discrete and spontaneous manner to achieve those award winning sequences.

Here is what renowned Videographer and book author Annie Crawley has to say about the original TLC tripod:

"I am so happy you have decided to bring this back.  I have used the TLC tripod since my very first underwater video system and it is by far my favorite on the market. Mounting it on or off any housing is a breeze!  I have used mine for the past seven years!  Thank you so much!"

You can see Annie’s work on her website:

These are some of the features included in the Technical Lighting Control Tripod:

  • Pan and Tilt head with extended handle
  • Flexible positioning for fast and easy installation.
  • Designed to accommodate standard 1” ball arm segments as legs.
  • Hard coated anodizing process protects components from corrosion.
  • Simple low maintenance design eliminates lock-ups and freezes due to grime.
  • Standard 1/4” -20 threaded mounts on most housing tripod socket.

Available spring 2010
Technical Lighting Control TLC Tripod head assembly with 11” legs:           
MSRP @ 495.00USD