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Products: Still Camera Housings
Aquatica AZ6/7

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Announcing our AZ6/7 Housing for the Nikon Z6 & Z7
Mirrorless Camera!

Available Sept. 2019
MSRP: USD $2,995.00

In our never ending quest to offer the latest and greatest possible equipment to the underwater photographer/videographer, we are now offering our new housing for the Nikon Z6 & Z7 Mirrorless, Interchangeable Lens Camera! Continuing in Aquatica’s reputation for offering premium quality and at affordable prices, the AZ6/7 housing will have the finest ergonomics and control accessibility combined with the famed ruggedness of our all aluminum construction and distinctive hard coating.

About the Cameras

The new Nikon Z6/7 Mirrorless cameras are Nikon’s latest entry into the ever growing mirrorless camera market. Essentially mirrorless versions of the Nikon D850 and D750, these cameras follow the trend of most major manufacturers going mirrorless for their main pro/consumer offerings. Both camera bodies have an identical control layout, leading to Aquatica being able to use one housing for the 2 cameras. The main difference between the 2 cameras would be the Z6 uses a 24MP full frame sensor and the Z7 has a 45.7MP sensor. The Z6 also has a 25% faster maximum frame rate than the Z7 since it has to move smaller files. Both cameras capture 4K video though the Z6 creates down sampled 24MP images whereas the Z7 uses a DX-cropped Super35 mode. The cameras have a new Z mount system to support the new line of Z mount lenses, however, Nikon has created the FTZ mount adapter to allow owners of traditional Nikkor F-Mount lenses with these new cameras.

About the Housing

As to be expected with all Aquatica housings, it is CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum with a MIL-A-8625 anodized coating with a baked on, extra tough powder coat paint. All control shafts and push buttons are made from T304 stainless steel. This, as for all our housings, will take a licking and keep going!

The housing will support not only the new Z-mount lenses but also the FTZ Adapter. The adapter can be removed from the camera without first removing the camera from the housing. There is also a lens release for both F and Z mounts. As usual, all camera functions can be accessed by the housing. Two items of note that are specific to this housing:

The Sub Selector center press and AF-ON control’s ergonomic placement (easily accessible with the shooter’s right thumb) allows the user to lock exposure or focus and take pictures

The “+” and “ –“ buttons have been moved, for access by the left thumb, next to the playback button. This allows the user to quickly zoom and check if the image is in focus.

All housing controls are spring loaded and self centering where needed. The user simply needs to install the mounting tray on the camera and slide the tray on the stainless steel guide rails. It couldn’t be simpler!

In order to protect your expensive electronic gear from the elements, our Surveyor Vacuum System (valve and pump) is now included as standard equipment with all AZ6/7 housings. The vacuum system will provide that extra layer of security since the user can verify that if air is not seeping into the housing the water definitely will not either.


Part Number:

20086-NK-VC: with double Nikonos bulkheads
20086-KM-VC: with single Ikelite bulkhead
20086-OPT-VC: with dual optical bulkheads & LED trigger


Aerospace grade 6061 T6 Aluminum with MIL-A-8625 Anodized Coating then finished with a baked on, super tough, abrasion resistant powder coat paint. Control shafts and all push buttons are T304 Stainless Steel

Large 23.75mm (.950 inch) HDMI Bulkhead Opening

Depth Rating:
90m ~ 300 ft. Can be upgraded to 130m, ~ 450 ft with our deep spring kit

2.88 kg ~ 6.35lb

364mm x 158mm x 160mm (W x H x D) ~ 14.3” x 6.2” x 6.3”

Port System
Compatible with all Aquatica DSLR sized Bayonet Mount Ports

Supported Accessories:

  • Aqua View and Aqua View 45 viewfinders
  • Full line of the Delta 3 Arm System
  • 5HD Monitor
  • Aquatica Close Up Kit
  • Aquatica Housing Lanyard Kit

Control Layout:

1. Port lock release
2. On-Off lever
3. Shutter release
4. ISO button
5. Record button
6. Exposure compensation button
7. Sub-command dial (front)
8. Back focus button (AF)
9. Sub selector center press (AEL)
10. Release mode / self timer button
11. Menu button
12. Multi selector buttons
13. Photo mode “i” menu button
14. DISP button
15. Photo/movie selector
16. Main command dial (rear)
17. Monitor mode button
18. Delete/trash button
19. Playback button
20. Mode dial
21. plus button
22. minus button
23. Zoom focus gear dial
24. Fn2 button
25. Fn1 button
26. F-mount release button
27. Z-mount release button

MSRP: USD $ 2,995.00(Includes Surveyor valve & pump)


Aquatica Aqua View 180 Finder

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Aquatica Aqua View 45 Finder

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Protective body cap: for all Aquatica bayonet style housing
Replacement anodes kit for Aquatica housing* (two complete sets)

* except D2x housing
Maintenance kit for Aquatica AZ6/7

Click here for more information.
Neoprene Light Blocking Mask

Grip extenders: These easy to install will give you additional space should your housing feel cramped for your hands, or if wearing cold water gloves, adding one spacer will give an extra 10mm/.0.375” of clearance, adding both will expand this to 20mm/0.75”, these extenders are ideal for adapting the housing to your own personal handling preference.

Conversion spring kit for deeper rating (425ft / 130m)

This deeper rating spring kit requires that the O-rings of the housing be removed and reinstalled, since the sealing integrity of the housing comes into play in doing so, Aquatica recommends that this modification be done only by qualified technician from and authorized Aquatica service center, also please note that this kit can also be factory installed as an option when ordering a housing.

Valve and pump to create vacuum inside the housing in order to validate its sealing capability, to be used with housing already equipped with vacuum sensor circuitry