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Products: Still Camera Housings
Aquatica T2i

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The Aquatica T2i housing is a working proof of our ongoing commitment to get high quality products available not only rapidly to the users, but with a reasonable pricing as well, Aquatica is proudly introducing its latest addition for the new Canon T2i / 550D camera. With an impressive 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and 1080p HD video recording with easy manual controls, this camera/housing combination is the ultimate affordable refinement of underwater imaging at the moment. TTL strobe exposure is now a breeze with the Optical Fiber strobe connectors. You can to take full advantage of the newer strobes lighting technologies available nowadays this can be done  while retaining the options of classic Nikonos and Ikelite bulkhead connectors always available to the user. This form fitting and light weight housing is machined from solid aluminum on our new 5 axis machining center, A sophisticated instrument  that  enable us to reduce weight and size like never before. The AT2i housing is treated and anodized to military specification, then coated with a powder coating and baked for a robust weather and wear resistant external finish, the AT2i housing maybe light but will still benefit from the same 300 ft. + depth rating that has set us apart from our competitors for so long.

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Introduced with the Aquatica AT2i housing is a new type of retractable focus/zoom gear rack and lens release lever, pulling out these cleverly designed controls clears the path for smoothly installing and removing the camera/lens assembly even when a zoom or focus gear is attached to the lens. Battery, card or lens replacement now becomes a simple straightforward task to do.

The Aquatica T2i housing features easy access to the vital video function controls while retaining its ease of operation for still imaging, all vital controls for both imaging modes have been moved to easily accessible and comfortable locations on the housing, it of course benefits from the same time proven mounting bayonet and will accept all our existing accessories and ports, including our tack sharp Megadome, the new Mini Dome 100, low profile macro port, Aqua View finder and remote control cord, we now present you a tool up to the task of fulfilling the needs of the most exigent underwater imaging individual.


  • Optical Fiber Strobe Connectors: Options include Optical ports for both Sea & Sea ® or INON ® type connectors, as well, traditional methods of connecting strobes via the Nikonos ® or Ikelite ® standard connectors are retained, it in essence, make this housing the most flexible in the industry as far as connectivity to underwater strobes.
  • Internal camera flash access: a push button on the housing is provided to release the flash in the up position and a lever to shut it down is supplied as well, this allows the user to quickly shutdown the internal flash for ambient light images and easily returns to flash photography at the push of a button.
  • Bayonet Port: Positive four point bayonet mounting and a locking mechanism leaves no doubt that your ports are secure in place and water tight. The bayonet system dome, macro ports and extension rings, offers the fastest and most comprehensive access to the lenses for rapid changing without having to remove the camera from the housing. This housing allows use of lenses from a 10mm/180 degrees fisheye lens to a 200mm macro lens. Teleconverter port extensions are also available.
  • Menus: Buttons have been angled 20 degrees and extended when needed for better ergonomic, knob are now grooved and knurled for optimum operation when wearing thick gloves
  • Hydrophone : available as an accessory and easily mounted via one of the provided accessories bulkhead mounting holes
  • Controls: Fingertip access to all camera menus and video controls includes On-Off, Live View mode, Record On/Off, ISO lever, Exposure Mode, bracketing, Meter positioning and focus control, AF activation and lock access via a single easy access lever. Access to all menu features include review, enlarge and delete, histogram and internal SLR preferences.
  • Lens Release: (NEW) A retractable lever is provided for easy lens changing through the front port with camera installed.
  • Retractable Focus / Zoom control knob: (NEW) a retractable mechanism now allows the gear rack to be pulled out of the way, this make easy work of inserting and removing the camera when a lens with a gear is attached to it.
  • Remote Control Grip: available as an accessory and easily mounted via one of the provided accessories bulkhead mounting holes
  • Viewing Eye Piece: The most critical aspect of underwater SLR photography is the viewing system. In this aspect our housing uses a viewfinder that show the biggest and the brightest image possible in full frame viewing to your eye. An accessory Aqua View Finder is also available giving the user unparallel viewing of the camera's viewfinder for sharp focusing and exact composition.

  • Depth rating: 300 feet/90 meters (upgradeable on request to 425ft/130 meters)
  • Precision machined from a single aluminum block. This light weight housing is fully anodized to military specifications and coated with robust wear resistant coating. All function labels are pad printing so they will not peel off or fade.
  • Accurately balanced ergonomic design - all controls including the video activating controls are within easy reach, clearly visible labelling of functions
  • Excellent Underwater balance.
  • Replaceable sacrificial anode to protect the housing from electrolysis.
  • Size: Width 9” (13” with grip attached) x 5.25”, height:  6.125”  /  Weight : 5.3 Lbs
  • Size: With 22.9cm (33cm with grip attached) x 13.3cm, height : 15.6cm / Weight: 2.4kg


  • Grips, (left and right hand)
  • Hexagonal head bolts (quant.:2)
  • Hexagonal (Allen) key
  • Owner manual
  • Spare main O-ring
  • Container of O-ring lubricant


The recommended servicing procedures of the products are outlined in the manuals supplied with the product. The outside of the housings and the accessories should be rinsed in fresh water after every dive. The handles should be removed after use otherwise if they remain attached to the housing for any length of time they may bind to the housing and be extremely difficult to remove. We suggest that the main O rings be lubricated regularly and all of the O rings be checked annually.


Extension Ring with focusing knob for the Canon EF 17-40mm f/4 (NEW)

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Extension Ring with focusing knob for the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II (NEW)

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Subal (old smaller type) port to Aquatica Housing adapter (NEW)
Sea & Sea port to Aquatica Housing adapter (NEW)

Maintenance kit for Aquatica AT2i Housing.

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Replacement anodes kit for Aquatica housing* (two complete sets)

* except D2x housing
Protective body cap: for all Aquatica bayonet style housing
Neoprene Light Blocking Mask
Aqua LED 800 Video & Focus Light   19217
Conversion spring kit for 425ft/130 meters rating

Aquatica Aqua View 180 Finder

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Underwater remote trigger for Canon 1Ds Mk III, 1D Mk IV, 5D Mk II & 7D (extra bulkhead included)
Valve and pump to create vacuum inside the housing in order to validate its sealing capability, to be used with housing already equipped with vacuum sensor circuitry


Aquatica Aqua View 45 Finder

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