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Technical Lighting Control:
Individual Components

These various components are meant to bridge together special application that may come up over the evolutionof your underwater imaging system.

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TLC Support for Ikelite TTL Converter

TLC Support for Ikelite TTL Converter The TLC Support for Ikelite TTL converter is a clever mount designed to accept the Ikelite TTL converters (#4301 or #4302) and the junction barrel of the double cable sync cord, this cleans up the clutter of sync cable around the top of the housing. Adding a TLC # 77651 ball to the top of it will transform it into a convenient arm ready to accept a focus light.
Ball with ¼ -20 stud for mounting to base tray
Ball joint saddle: TTL slave
Ball with 8mm stud
Ball with 1/4” stem
1" ball with ¼-20" threaded hole