Tanner Mansell

Tanner’s love for the ocean began with early childhood experiences free diving for abalone with his dad off the coast of Fort Bragg, California. This sparked his curiosity for exploring the ocean at the age seven. His dad was a scuba instructor for many years and his stories of shark encounters stuck with him and influenced his direction as a waterman and ocean steward. He began to photograph sharks with a mission to change public perception to ensure their future in our oceans, experimenting with different editing styles making his work unique and identifiable. He found true passion in underwater photography/videography and believes it is the one thing he can truly be happy doing for the rest of his life. Nothing else has ever felt quite the same.

He has recorded thousands of hours as a safety diver, shark handler/feeder, and he has lead expeditions around the world to dive with and film aquatic wildlife, documenting as he goes. Tanner’s work in underwater photography/cinematographer includes, but is not limited to National Geographic’s television show Shark Fest & Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. To this day underwater photography remains his passion, greatest drive, and purpose in life.