Delta 3 Technical Lighting Control

The Delta 3 lighting support systemfrom Technical Light Control introduces a bold new design, starting with theclamps, it features a spring loaded tensioner, a finer pitch of ¼-28” forsmoother and more precise adjustment of tension. The knob features threeindents and a positive knurling, tightening them, whether wearing cold watermitts or being bare hands, is as easy as it can be.

The new look of these lightingsupport arms, not only reduces the hydro dynamic drag, it reduces the averageweight, by at least 10% or more than their predecessors.

Buoyancy compensating arm segmentsare now available, with a potential lift of 0.5lb for the 8” segment and a full1lb for the 11” segment, these can be added to any existing strobe arm systemusing a standard 1”/25mm ball, longer reaching clamps are available for givingthese wider arms segment, the full range of movement required.

First introduced, all the way back in1982, under the Aqua Vision System banner, the T style base bracket makes areturn, this universally adopted bracket style allows mounting of our Delta 3line on a wide selection of housings currently on the market.

The Delta 3 line strobe arms are steadfastand gracefully agile, it’s light control like you never experienced underwater!