Technical Lighting Control: Ball Joint Clamps


With constant feedback from working professionals, the strobe clamp has evolved from a simple retaining device from years ago, to become the sophisticated corner stone of the new Technical Lighting Control Delta 3 line. Made of aero spatial grade aluminum and stainless steel alloys, it is built to deliver years of loyal service. The knob has been radically changed in design, with three lobes and a positive knurling, tightening to any level is comfortably simple.

The half clamp section are hard anodized and Teflon threated for a smooth hold on the balls, a spring now maintain a positive tension on these, and even the screw holding the clamp together has had a makeover, as it now feature a finer ¼-28” threads with a more progressive feel when tightening the knob. Fine craftsmanship is in the details, the Delta 3 clamps offers more than just holding things together, it provides fluent mobility to express you creative lighting skills.

Available Products

Ball Joint Clamps


The backbone of the Delta 3 system is our acclaimed clamp, Adopted by many pros who value reliability and ease of maintenance.

Ball Joint Clamps


A triple attachment point version of our clamps allows for another component equipped with a 1” ball to be included in your existing light support configuration. Useful for additional lighting fixture or sensors.

Ball Joint Clamps


Ball joint clamp for attachment

Ball Joint Clamps


An extended version of our clamp is available, mainly designed to give better freedom of movement when using buoyancy compensating arm, theses longer reaching clamps are also a favorite for mounting focusing light on top of housings.