Technical Lighting Control: Strobe Head Adapters

Strobe adapter are meant to join the strobe to the arm, there are three methods used and it is important that you select the appropriate strobe attachment type. Strobe adapter are equipped with a 1”/25mm ball at the end and are meant to join the strobe to the arm with the help of a clamp.

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Available Products

Individual Components



1” ball with threaded ¼-20 stud 77655 1” ball with threaded 8mm stud

Strobe Head Adapters



Ball head adapter for Sea & Sea

Strobe Head Adapters



Ball head adapter for DS50, DS51, DS125, DS160 & DS161

Strobe Head Adapters



Universal light saddle (Velcro strap included)

Strobe Head Adapters



Inon ball head adapter