Ports are, in addition to camera lenses, the most important component of an underwater imaging system. Their optical quality, and the precision in their positioning are strategic to the success of a final image.

Aquatica has been manufacturing ports that have been used across the film and photography industry since its modest beginning in 1982, and with good reasons. Its commitment to supply its users with quality constructed ports, which delivers image and color accuracy, along with excellent sharpness and color transmission, has made Aquatica the prime choice of discerning image makers ever since.

There are two basic ports designs to consider in underwater photography, the hemispherical dome ports and flat lens ports. Since dome port maintain the original field of view of a lens, they are typically used with wide-angle and fisheye lenses, flat ports, on the other hand, will narrow the field of you of a lens and create more magnification, thus creating a benefit for close up and macro lenses. The Aquatica modular port system has dome ports sizes, ranging in diameter size from as small as 4” to as large as 9.25.” and a flat port to accommodate your specific macro needs.

Installing an Aquatica port is easy with the four points bayonet mount used in our design. Quick and safe replacement of lenses and/or port is therefore done without any fuss. Using various lenses will often require different optical configurations, the long established Aquatica system, simplifies that task by providing the photographer with a range of port extensions that will either optimize the critical placement of a lens behind  a dome port, or accommodate longer barrel lenses in macro configuration.

Port are safely locked in place either with the built-in locking mechanism of the housing, or the lock provided on current port extension rings. Every Aquatica housing has a lens chart associated to it. This lens chart will guide you in selecting the right component for your chosen lens.

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