We have been shipping our 5HD Monitor for a few weeks now. This is what some of our customers have said about it.

Maxwel Hohn

“Putting the new Aquatica 5HD Monitor to the test in Newfoundland. It is absolutely awesome! The perfect tool for underwater videography. It’s also highly effective for macro photography. Thank you for your top notch products and service Aquatica Digital!”


Jill Heinerth

”The Aquatica monitor expands my creativity, giving me clear vision to shoot a variety of low angles and imaginative shots that are otherwise done blind.”



Matthew Smith

”The Aquatica 5HD screen has helped me make the transition from shooting still to moving pictures so easy. The large screen with focus peeking and histogram display means nailing focus, exposure and composition is child’s play. It has become and integral part of my gear and I can’t be without it now.”

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