Fabrice Guérin & Damien Mauric, both accomplished underwater photographer using our Aquatica housings have just returned from Norway with epic images: Fabrice with a gorgeous image of a humpback whale ploughing through a school of herrings, and Damien with an outstanding and moody picture of a family of Orcas crossing path with a humpback whale and its calf. To read their stories follow this link for Fabrice and this one for Damien.

These two images are a testament of perseverance, preparedness and of a thorough knowledge of one’s imaging equipment, so when luck does comes into play, things fall into place smoothly and without hesitation. Aquatica is proud to have these two individuals in its family of underwater imagers, it is also, given the dire condition encountered, a great testimonial to the ergonomics and robustness of our underwater housings.

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