Tim Rock, a Pacific based award-winning digital photographer and writer specializing in the ocean realm, has reviewed our Aquatica AD7100 housing for Wetpixel, a web forum dedicated to the advancement of underwater photography. Tim’s extensive experience, in documenting the underwater world for his journalistic work, made him the perfect candidate for field testing this Aquatica housing.

Tim Rock is one of our longest Aquatica Gallery members and most divers will have, at one point or another, come up across his published work in Lonely Planet guide books or diving magazines.

The Nikon D7100 is an improved and technologically updated camera that picks up where the, already impressive, bench marker D7000 from Nikon previously left.

The AD7100 Aquatica housing was designed to take full opportunity of the Nikon D7100 camera. The controls are positioned so has to be intuitive for the user. The attention to details, such as access to the Fn function, as originally initiated by Aquatica, and total control of the camera features, make this housing exceptionally well suited for underwater photography.

Tim, we are happy to report, was delighted with the housing and camera, as can be read in is field testing review.

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